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  1. Formerly from Pittsburgh. Lived there for 29 yrs. Grew up on STEELER FOOTBALL, PENGUIN HOCKEY AND IRON CITY BEER!!! Now in Jacksonville,FL
  2. I went with the basic Pale Ale that came in the kit. And yes your right, store bought beer just doesnt taste as good. I have a leftover national brand that I drank after one of the home brewed ones and man the taste is just not the same. Home brew was cleaner, crisper and went down alot smoother. BIG DIFFERENCE. Even my son said, "dad how much can you make and can I buy from beer from you from now on?" I currntle have another Pale ale brewing and I am thinking of trying a fruit beer next.... Happy Brewing everyone!!!!
  3. Well if I must say "OUTSTANDING" 1st batch in the books and it is great. If i can keep this up no more store bought beer!!!!
  4. Good Afternoon all. I have a question, pretty new to brewing, but I was wondering if brewing in a 5 gal bucket, should there be a small hole in lid to allow a small amount of ventalation during the fermenting process. Thanks for all you alls advice
  5. Thanks for the insight y'all. HAPPY BREWING
  6. Got a question about bottling. I have a batch ready to bottle it taste like flat beer. Can I bottle half of the batch and allow the remainng to sit for another week or two? Just wondering and thanks for your help
  7. I am new to the forum and to brewing. I just completed my first batch yesterday and got to taste it for the first time. If I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I brewed the West Coast pale ale that come with the kit. I was excited to crack open that first bottle and get to drinking it, but I was also cautious. Thinking to myself, what if I screwed it up and it taste nasty. Anyway here we go. I invited my brother-in-law, nephew,my two boys and wife to join in the "taste testing". Itwas a complete SUCCESS!!!!!!!! What a smooth tasting ale, no after taste, a little bite but man it was great!!!! I may never buy another case of beer from agrocery store again!!!! I put the remaining bottles in the fridge last night and it will be ready to drink when the Daytona 500 starts today... I love it!!!! I currrently have a batch of wheat beer fermenting and I have already purchased the ingredients to make a blueberry lightning, raspberr, cherry ale and a honey wheat. This is the best hobby a man could want!!!! I cant wait for the next batch to be ready!!!!!
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