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  1. Just had some of the wife's home made taco and my own habenaro cerveza. Yum! :gulp:
  2. I have made two versions of this. the first with one pepper has conditioned out nicely with a slight hint of heat. The second with 5 peppers is flaming. I might have overdone it a bit but it will still be good to marinate meat with.
  3. I condition til have no more room in my holding containers ( three large ice chest) then I put them in the fridge in the garage. If that gets too full. I have to drink faster! :cheers:
  4. I have heard that yeasties are pretty smart at finding food! :stout:
  5. I almost always use starsan and I just empty out the sanitizerand bottle. :cheers:
  6. I used Hme that Igot on sale that was past date. I used new yeast and it turned out just fine. :stout:
  7. I make big recipes all the time and have overflows. I used to worry alot but now I just wipe down the outside and kepp on going. I also store my lbk in cheap foil pans from the dollar store.
  8. Last weekend I was at bed and bath and they had two pack that had cervasa and octoberfest in them. I picked up two kits with the intention of using two cans of each in a batch. Is this a good way to go or should I just add a pound or so of dme to these. Thanks for your input. I got away from Mr Beer Refills for a while because I think that they are a little pricey but at half off I figured that I could do something. :stout:
  9. I always use DME and I don't think Ihave used boostersince my first batch. I would rather have the malt favor than the cider taste. :stout:
  10. I like the muntons nut brown But I use the whole can with two gallons in my lbk and I really like the favor. :stout:
  11. I usually only do stouts or porters and in my opinion, they are better the longer that they condition. You can always try it and see what happens or better yet get a second lbk and let the stouts set and condition longer. :stout:
  12. I use 3 and I bottle and brew weekly until I don't have any room left. Last year I had to stop brewing mid year and I just got low enough to start again. :gulp:
  13. I have used the brewers several times with no problems but I usually let them sit at least four weeks before I even try one. I usually only put what beer I am going to drink in the fridge. The rest sits out at room temps till i amready to drink.
  14. I'm im the same place now. I took the summer off and then was in a biggest loser contest for 12 weeks. So my supply is really low. The good news was that the beer that conditioned for 4to 5 months really is tasty! :gulp:
  15. I just made 2 bitter, a cooper and muntons. I use the whole can at once and the last bitter was really tasty and nice and hoppy! :cheers:
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