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  1. S-04 is good for an English brown, but not for Caribou Slobbers. S-04 will leave some residual sweetness that S-05 would not. None of these suggestions - S04, S05, or Notty will really cause any issues.
  2. You can't go wrong with S-05, because it adds nothing to the beer. I made it with Nottingham one time, and enjoyed it, but went back to Windsor because that's what is recommended.
  3. Beyond being brown, they have little in common. Nut Brown is an English Brown Ale. Low malt flavor, low hop aroma, a little chocolate and nutty. Moose Drool is a chocolate, malty, sweet, brown.
  4. Right. Northern and Midwest are now again owned by a Private Equity company. They were owned by one prior to selling to AB-InBev.
  5. I have made this a few times, but I have never purchased anything from Northern Brewer. MooseDrool is what everyone is copying, by Montana's Big Sky Brewing. You can find clone recipes online.
  6. Just a tip - I find, as do others, that Windsor yeast is awful. Poor attenuation, and has horrible flocculation (beer is cloudy). I just did a clone of MooseDrool, and it's got crap floating all over despite being cold crashed. I'm going to look for something different in the future.
  7. Do a Google search and you'll find they aren't available in Canada.
  8. OP has noted that dots are not available in Canada...
  9. Admins? We don't need no stinkin' admins!
  10. As long as it's sanitizer with a shelf life like StarSan. Mr. Beer sanitizer should not be stored for more than one week in a bottle. I wouldn't worry about a freshly washed measuring spoon, and you do not sanitize the vanilla.
  11. I would say that the Mr. Beer yeast that came with the can is fine to use.
  12. I'd suggest that in the future you sit down and plan what you want to do. For example, brew a 2.5 gallon batch in an LBK (which will hold 2.5 gallons just fine). Or a 2 gallon batch. Then find a recipe that you like online (there are thousands of extract recipes), convert it to the size you're going to brew, come up with a list of ingredients, and then go buy the ingredients (or order online). I come up with my recipes and the list of ingredients, and because my store is online also I cost them out. I then go and pull my grains for recipe #1, crush them, and seal the bag, labeling it. Then I go do #2. And so on. When I check out, if the bill is different I have them review what they entered wrong... Just buying stuff while at a store is backwards.
  13. So here's a reinforcement of this principle. Last week I tested my Apricot Wheat FG, a week after adding the 2nd can of apricots. It was right on. So I cold crashed it. And, apparently forgot to write down the reading, or the temperature. Not a big deal, I know it was in the 1.012 - 1.014 range, and would have been 64 degrees. But, this reinforces WRITING EVERYTHING DOWN.
  14. Me too. Except we rinse good, then fill with water UNTIL we are ready to wash at the end of the day. More efficient than washing 1 at a time, and nothing dries in bottle.
  15. Write down everything. Write down everything. Write down everything. 😀
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