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  1. They should not vent from the caps unless the cap is defective. If they bottle feels firm, then it should not have a leak. Sometimes a PET bottle will blow out the bottom (ask me how I know, then ask me again). Storing them in a plastic container (with lid) is a safe bet (ask me how I know that too).
  2. Northern Brewer is no longer owned by AB. People who reuse yeast need to study what it does. Only live cells replicate, so each generation is different than the previous. Think mutation. There is a science to it.
  3. As Shrike pointed out, Mr. Beer recipes require no cooling of wort.
  4. Probably want to someone research before dumping a batch of yeast that includes a bunch of dead cells and trub and possibly ruining a batch.
  5. ???? https://www.mrbeer.com/churchills-nut-brown-ale
  6. Carbonating in bottles happens because the yeast remaining in the beer from fermentation eats sugar you add, and because the bottle is sealed. The amount of sugar added - table sugar, LME, DME, honey... - is insignificant. Given you are not focused on being Reinheitsgebot crazy, simply use table sugar as with Mr. Beer. I also highly recommend you get a CURRENT copy of Palmer's book, the free online version is over 20 years old and obsolete. My library has many brewing books.
  7. LME and DME are made from grain, so they comply with Reinheitsgebot. Mr. Beer HMEs contain LME, and hops, and complies. Beer uses yeast (definitional). There is nothing about brewing a Mr. Beer can of HME that is not compliant. Some Mr. Beer recipes add adjuncts, those would not be compliant. Unclear if OP wants to comply with Reinheitsgebot, or simply brew all grain.
  8. https://www.themadfermentationist.com/2019/01/is-american-homebrewing-dying.html https://www.morebeer.com/articles/Home_Brewers_Hobby https://www.forbes.com/sites/taranurin/2016/09/23/its-official-homebrewing-is-on-the-decline-and-heres-why-you-may-be-to-blame/#7657c0be51fd - store mentioned closed in 2019 Note points 5 and 6 -
  9. No, business is down, as it is for Homebrew stores, due to the proliferation of craft beer.
  10. They sell less kits if they say it takes longer. It would be disappointing if they are changing the instructions to specify less time, but not surprising. I suspect business is off considerably from what it was a few years ago.
  11. Doesn't seem to be any Mr. Beer employee involvement on the forum anymore, save the denial of service attack.
  12. Yeah, but no. You want to do some research on fusel alcohol and how it affects people.
  13. The can by itself is 3.1%. That cup of sugar you added ads 0.9, for a total of 4% ABV. No headaches from that. The lack of head retention is common with HME batches. Adding wheat LME/DME, or carapils will provide a good head.
  14. They need to go in the boil.
  15. No. Irrelevant what you use for priming. Use the least expensive, table sugar.
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