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  1. UPDATE: Opened a Dutch Lager by accident (thought it was my first brew) and it was pretty damn good. The Love Potion Lager has smoothed out quite a bit too. Very satisfied! Dutch Lager - Bottled first weekend in April (I believe) Experimental WCIPA - Bottled 5/20/2012 Took a FG (1.011) but never got an OG Then I went ahead and brewed two more batches: Dutch Lager (with 2.5oz dark molasses - trying to get a feel for different ingredients and flavors) brewed 5/20/2012 Witty Monk Witbier (with 8.5oz light agave syrup, 5.25g Safale US-05) brewed 5/20/2012 Cheers
  2. I believe I read that you can NOT use One-Step on the Oxygen-absorbing caps...so, how do I sanitize? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies everybody. I'll be sure to post back with my results!
  4. Nope, in the UME. Mixed the HME in after I removed the pot from heat, mixed, and then dumped into the LBK.
  5. What effect does cold conditioning have? I had opted for cold conditioning (at about 3 weeks currently)...shall I pull them out of the fridge and put them into dry storage for better flavor?
  6. So I went ahead with the experimental WCIPA brew. 1 can HME, 1 can golden wheat UME, 1 can of red raspberries (from MrB), and I went ahead and did a hops boil (with the GW UME, of course) 18 minutes Liberty, 7.5 minutes Cascade. ~%80+ flavor Don't worry I'm not expecting award winning beer. I've got a plain WCIPA brewing as well, I can't wait to taste the difference and figure out the hops a bit more. Also did the BM Dutch Lager, boiled 4 cups of water, removed from heat, and slowly stirred in. Didn't clump much. I'll report back with results. Brew list: Love Potion Lager - Cold conditioning since 2/14 WCIPA - 2/26 Exp. WCIPA - 3/4 Dutch Lager - 3/4
  7. I plan on doing my due diligence on boiling hops prior to the brew BTW.
  8. So, I was thinking this (I actually now have 3 brew kegs) 1 Dutch Lager - straight no additives 1 WCIPA - w/ red raspberries and golden wheat UME - What hops? Cascade for Aroma or Taste? 1 Witty Monk --------------------------------------------- Should I add hops to the Witty Monk? Anything? Which hops should I add for aroma/flavor/bitterness for the WCIPA? Should I pick up some better yeast? I really liked the outcome of the Saflager S-23 for my first brew (cold temp). I only have one brew under my belt so any other advice, hit me with it.
  9. Hey guys, I love how active the boards are here. I ordered a kit a day or so after Christmas from Woot (just ordered another there too) and didn't start my first brew till late January because... There was no way I was going to maintain any warm temps in my home. So, I ordered the Love Potion Lager kit and a packet of Saflager-23 (used maybe 8g/11.5g) Didn't have/use a hydrometer. Primary fermentation - 2 weeks at colder temps Bottled per Mr. Beer specs in 1 liter bottles Opened the first one up on Valentines day and shared it with my girlfriend. I liked it but felt it was missing something, somewhere in the middle of it. She liked it but she probably wouldn't say it was awful even if it was. I've let the rest lager for 2 weeks so far (opened 1, no lagering - opened two others at about 1-1.5 weeks lagering) and the head is great, taste is crisp, almost wine-like at first and mellows with the second sip. It was cloudy with the first but is clearer now. I'll have a Dutch Lager and WCIPA (or Witty Monk) brews all going hopefully when I go home for spring break. Gotta figure out how to maintain the temps. I'm Derek by the way. I hope to be around as often as I can. Trying to be like a sponge and pick up as much as I can.
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