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  1. Wow! So I made a double batch as planned. Primary is in 5gal carboy with airlock! 24 hours of solid gas drama! Not a blowout, but almost. I am fermenting at 70. I live in the desert, so AC is already on. That was yesterday. Today is have a tiny layer of krausen, and an airlock bubble about every 5 seconds or so. I was a little worried, but I will just let it chug along. It's pretty cloudy, and one of my spice bags opened. I will throw some pics up at some point. It smells amazing!!!!
  2. Mine arrive tomorrow according to UPS! - I am thinking of doing a double batch of this and fermenting in a 5 gal. carboy with blowoff for primary. Does that sound okay? Anyone have any words on the double batch??? I used to double up the little cans, but have never done a double LBK. I will be brewing this straight up, no adds. Fermenting at 70 - my carboy was complaining about being lonely... :party:
  3. Ordered three - gonna do one now... and in a few weeks it's gonna be too hot in the desert! Plus, I wanna save a couple for when people start tinkering with them. This is also my first order since the merger. I have been living on the old cans for a while! Haven't tried too many white IPA's - any commercial recommendations to get a feel for what to expect? Happy Springtime to all!!!! :chug:
  4. I feel it's finally cool enough here in NV that it's time to go full steam again! I got through the winter by draining the pipeline though! But it has been interesting to taste some of these brews after almost a year in storage for some. The Imperial Pilsner from last seasonal was amazing! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  5. I usually turn the thing on before bed, and in the morning I get sanitized cool bottles. :cheers:
  6. ohhh jealousy!!! hopefully this brew will turn out right!! Keep it cool, follow threads on the Borg about this brew, and you will love it!!!!!
  7. nice caps! Chestnut Amber...!!! sounds awesome! :gulp:
  8. yeah! for me, it has been a seasonal thing - it seems when the weather is hot, and I am outside after work I love a big hoppy beer. But when the winter gets here, you will find me indoors with a malty brew. Enjoy the summer!
  9. yeah ba1980 - I did the same. I used WCPA and a Creamy Brown UME. Also added 1/2 cup honey and fermented for three weeks. It has been conditioning for three weeks, and can't wait to try it!
  10. I thought that would be the case... I have some Breiss golden light, and a few cans of UME (pale export???) Haven't made this refill before - maybe just make the naked recipe and see where I wanna take it????
  11. no boiling HME - just hops in water... Boil 1 gal. add 1/4 oz at 15 min. at flameout, add 1/4 oz. and whirlpool then add HME agreed - everyone here seems to never boil HME. I wasn't planning to add any additional booster since basic recipe doesn't call for it.
  12. Hey all! Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one! Just a quick question about a hop boil for Grand Bohemian Pilsner - my LHBS told me it may be interesting to do a hop boil with Saaz in addition to the regular recipe. Anyone ever do this? I am only doing a 15 min. boil, and wondered because Grand Bohemian features Amarillo. Just wondered if the two would jive together. Also, further evidence that Mr. Beer is a gateway drug - I bought my 5 gallon setup gear yesterday and all the ingredients to make a partial mash clone of the IPA 'Racer 5' - can't wait to get started!!! Love this forum, and it has been so helpful since I got started in January - you guys/girls are the best!
  13. Nice! Glad it came out well!!!!!
  14. yeah Borg! So I am now at two months, two days since bottling Jamaica Mon - and it's mighty tasty. I feel like I need to order the goods to repeat before everything changes. I wanted to attach a pic, and say thanks again to everyone here for all the great info, and good vibes. Hope your summer is starting out well!!!! As for me, I'll be in Jamaica Mon..... [attachment=7864]Photoon2012-04-26at23.283.jpg[/attachment]
  15. Newbie Success!!! I brewed two batches of the Imperial Pilsner as my 3rd and 4th batches. I live in the desert with cold temps so I fermented them in my garage for about 2.5 weeks. Bottled and let them sit for almost six weeks. Put a couple in the fridge and after a week tried one last night! Absolutely delicious!!!! If I crack another in the next day or so, I will post pics - I hope this one brews up great for everyone else here too. While I am here, I would also like to thank everyone for all the great tips and knowledge. Checking these posts has been so informative, and helped me learn to relax and do things the correct way in this great new hobby! Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
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