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  1. This sucks, i was gung ho about this. I just finished bottling beer # 4 and 5 with one in the LBK. I jump on to order more stuff and now everything's changed. One can brews! and expensive at that. looks like if u want to get creative, you better have big pockets. I hate to say it but If this is how the merger is going to be, I WILL find another Hobby!!!
  2. FYI also in LBK: another Doppel Trouble & Cowboy Honey Wheat
  3. Well after brewing two brews that I intended on going 3,3,2 with, most of the brew was gone by 3,2,1/2. lol My question here is when using hops is it better to ferment longer in LBK, let it stay in the bottling stage longer or allow to condition longer. Both of my first brews were good but this last one, almost ready for conditioning ( and the first brew with hops in it) doesnt seem like the flavors have fully come thru yet. I fully know that I need to be patient and allow the process to work but just want to know what process allows the flavors to blend so I know which part to allow a bit more time! Thanks
  4. I too think that BB Vinilla Porter is awesome! I like your imagination and drive to want to recreate that brew. Let me know what you do and how it turns out because if it works I'll be brewing it but if it doesnt I'll tweek it a bit and we can try again till its mastered!
  5. alright, i get the 3 and the first 2 but.. so all you do is move the bottles to a slightly lower temp for another 2. Now Fedora Dave you said 2+ and spoke of more warm conditioning. Which is it? And sorry for this stupid question but what is my pipeline? lol sorry!
  6. What is the 3-2-2 rule? I'm a newbie and see this everywhere but with no explaination. I'm trying to fill my small brain with as much beer brewing knowlegde. This is a fun hobby that could turn into a brewing addiction.....At least I hope!!! :woohoo:
  7. I think I'm going to have a ton of fun on this site. I'm glad I got back into brewing with MR.Beer. Thanks for the rules on man hugs!!! lol
  8. I really appreciate your response. With this being my first post and question, I don't think I could have got a better answer. thank you for taking the time to answer and educate. if I was standing next to you, you might have got a man hug! Lol
  9. How long do I keep in LBK, when using 2 HME's and a whole pack of booster and 2 packs of yeast?
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