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  1. I've just bottled a batch of straight up Diablo and the sample taste was pretty good in my opinion. But I've got another Diablo on the shelf and thought about hopping it up a little, I have some hops here, but I don't have any malt. Would I be doing an effective hop boil if I used a half cup of molasses in like a quart of water and do my hop boil in that to add to the LBK + Diablo?
  2. I really like it, I've brewed two batches of it and found out on the first one that 2 1/2 tsp of priming sugar was a little too carbonated for me. The next batch I used just a heaping tsp and that was much better but a little shy so I think I'd go about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 next time. This is for the MB quart bottles. The beer is nice and dark, the head is brown when you pour it. Nice hint of coffee and maybe chocolate in the flavor. I will be purchasing another mix soon.
  3. Headed up to Minneapolis tomorrow to pick up my daughter at the airport, so I'm going to make a stop a Northern Brewer and hope to pick up some ingredients to make some interesting new brew. Can't wait, I hope they've got some sales going on, I'm at least 100 miles from any other LHBS.
  4. "bansheerider" post=305123 said: "k9dude" post=305117 said: "bansheerider" post=305114 said:I went ahead and bottled today because the hydro reading has been consistent, today will be 11 days fermented in the LBK. The transfer to bottle was a bit messy. The beer was a bit foamy, and I still had foam in the bottle from the StarSan sanitizer. To fill to the proper level I had to let the beer foam out the top of the bottle for a second. Is this normal? I know that StarSan is foamy but should the beer be foamy after fermenting for 11 days? Was the foam from the beer, StarSan or both? I know StarSan will be foamy and I feel that this might be the cause. Although I have had some wort foam a little I've never had it do it excessively. I wouldn't worry too much, although next time I would wait for the StarSan foam to subside before filling and this might help. Did you end up adding sugar to each bottle? Let us know how this turns out! The foam was from both the beer and StarSan. Yes, I added priming corn sugar that I purchased from my LHBS, about 2 1/2 tsp per bottle. This was also a bit messy, so I had to use a funnel that was still wet from StarSan. Next time I will pour down the side of the bottle to reduce foam, and also wait for my sanitized utensils to dry from sanitizing. This was my first batch so it was a bit intimidating at first. Especially when my 3 1/2 year old son was trying to grab everything because he was curious lol! I use one step, no foam. I also put the sugar in after I put the beer in, using a funnel. This will cause less foaming.
  5. "BuckeyeBrewer" post=297800 said:Thank you. I think new brewers are their own worst enemies :laugh: I have to say that I was a little concerned when I saw the gooy, creamy looking bubbles in one of my recent brews, but it tasted fine. So like so many here have already said, just let it finish and bottle it, it will be fine. When I bottled it I dipped my finger in some of that goo and it tasted almost sweet.
  6. Wow, hope you have a good recovery, good news about the beer eh?
  7. I have found the same thing in regards to carb according to MB instructions, for my liking it's way too much and it's the same amount recommended for every beer mix they sell. My first batch of St Pats Irish stout had good flavor, but I couldn't stand the carbonation. So on the next batch I took the prime sugar down to just a pinch over a teaspoon and it was a lot better, and maybe even just a little light on the carb side but I like a heavier beer with little carb to it. In terms of fermentation time, I've seen some of my batches still bubbling up from the bottom even after three weeks. I've let some go for five weeks, but I don't have a hydrometer so I'm going off of taste and visual. Watch out with the Canadian draft, I primed with 2 1/2 tsp and they probably would have exploded if I hadn't noticed and put them in the fridge to slow things down a little. Of course they were way too carbed for me again.
  8. Yeah that is definitely some good brew. I think BM has discontinued it too. Looks like they have what they call Czech Pilsner, guess I may have to give that a try.
  9. Any body got any BM Pilsner you want get rid of?? I'm looking for some, turns out it's one of my favorites, let me know if you have some you'd like to sell.
  10. "vitch61" post=291413 said:I bring you GOOD NEWS! Just finished a 2-liter bottle of the new MB Diablo IPA. I did it straight up and according to 2-2-2. Nice and hoppy! Now I like the old ADIPA, but this is better. Little bit more malt and more bite, IMO. I'm very excited by this new "Craft Beer!" Since I did the whole series, I'm going to dive into the Winter Lager, NW Pale Ale and Bewitched during tomorrow's NFL games. Was this a deluxe refill or a standard craft refill? I did the standard St Patricks Irish Stout (new ingredients) and thought it was really good compared to the earlier MB mix.
  11. "yankeedag" post=289140 said:just put the lid on real loose, and a catch pan under the keg. Will do, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. I wound up babysitting it all night long. I kept a bowl of one step by the keg and sanitized my big steel spoon so I could defroth the mix about every hour or so. Hopefully it will behave long enough for me to get out of the house for a couple hours this morning.
  13. Here are scenes from "Chocolate Covered Cherries" that I brewed up Friday evening. About 28 hours later.
  14. Lots of guys doing three weeks, I normally let them go 3 weeks too, but I also wait until I see no more activity and the taste is not sweet and it's flat. Pretty much though, it's been a 3, 2, 1 process for all my brews. 3 in the fermenter, 2 in the bottle at conditioning temp and 1 in the fridge. Then down the hatch.
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