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  1. Lactose is for adding sweetness to dry cider? how does the lactose sweetness taste? is it like cane sugar or sugar substitutes?
  2. how long did you age the cider before it tasted good?
  3. thanks. good to know. maybe there is just less stuff in cider to foam up like wort.
  4. Making a LBK size apple cider with s-05 yeast. 24hr since pitching, still only patches of foam on the surface. My past experience of S-05 in beer is that it takes off much faster. Are yeast slower to start working in cider due to the acid environment?
  5. try Ronsonol Lighter Fuel, pure naptha, best way to get any adhesive.
  6. had another bottle tonight. it is conditioning nicely. far less of the harsh alcohol taste. i think the heavy mouthfeel was due to unfermented priming sugar, no problem several days later. glad I didn't dump this batch. will be a tasty brew in a couple of weeks.
  7. room temp. you can refrigerate again after several days of carbonating. oxygen is still in the bottle, but since CO2 is heavier, I think it is sinking below oxygen and preventing contact. may not work well in winter time when low room temp slow down carbonation.
  8. I often don't finish a 1L MB bottle of beer in one sitting. But after a day, the beer in the half empty bottle is always flat and oxidized. I recently realized that since homebrew is unfiltered and unpasteurized, I can just add some more sugar to the half empty bottle, recarbonate it and hope the CO2 will prevent oxidation. I tried that with one ts of sugar to half empty 1L bottle, waited 3 days. it is rock hard again, well carbonated, and favor doesn't seems to have suffered. Is this a know technique among homebrewers? any downside to this practice?
  9. follow up, 4 days since bottling. I use one MR Beer PET bottle to monitor the carbonation. it is already rock hard. can see pellicle developing in the bottles. tried a 12oz bottle tonight, still harsh, but not too bad, ignorable after a couple of sips. but another weird characteristic developed. a thick mouth feel one wouldn't expect from a LME brew without grain seep. can infection thicken the mouthfeel?
  10. the new MrBeer refill still have Octoberfest Lager. Use Bavarian Weissbier instead of Golden Wheat UME. Weissbier would be hopped, but that style is not strongly hopped, so shouldn't make a big difference. Finally, pick one of the light beer style to substitute for the WCPA. The same hops pellets. each can of the new refill is suppose to give 3.7%, so probably only need half can of each to get the same ABV of Big Ed's Red. do some calculations.
  11. thank you to everyone for your advice. guess I'll bottle this batch, put it in the bomb shelter and hope for the best
  12. yep, used T-58 on a wheat before, didn't have this taste. I've had a similar taste in a batch of apflwein made with Montrachet. That eventually conditioned out in several months. This time, I'm pretty sure I have an infection of some kind, judging by the pellicle. Whether the off favor is due to infection or high temp is uncertain.
  13. well, so far, all I can detect is a harsh alcohol/solvent smell. That could be from high temp or infection, from what I've read. How would the sulfur from Campden tablet affect the beer?
  14. seems like a good plan. nuke them from orbit, only way to be sure how long should I wait to bottle after re-pitching?
  15. yeah, trying for something like a saison, so the high temps was intentional. and t-58 supposedly likes high temp. anyone have experience on how long that pellicle may be around? should I wait for the film to dissipate before bottling?
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