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  1. What's the latest on the use of the Cooper carbonation drops?  Is there a difference between the two in these links?

    One is 11$ and the other is 6$  



    Anyone use them, or is using loose priming sugar better?

    I had been using just table sugar, but I wanted to try something else to see if it produces a cleaner taste.

    I bottle to 12 oz. bottles by the way.


  2. Cool Thanks to all!  I'll be kegging it tomorrow night.  I'm hoping the 1/2 tsp. sugar does well for it.  The last batch was the Classic American Ale, and there was a big difference in head and taste using 1/2 tsp. and 3/4 tsp.  the 3/4 tsp. just was way to carbonated.  I felt like I was drinking champagne.  

  3. Hi all,

    Just looking for any recommendations on Patriot Lager.

    I just finished up a month ago bottling the Classic American Ale, which turned out well.  So I'm just keeping ahead of the game.

    I figured I would keg it for 3 weeks, and then prime it for 4 weeks.  Anyway looking for any recommendations.

    Also will use 1/2 tsp. sugar per 12 oz. bottle.

  4. I finished off my liters of the pale ale that came with the kit. to me it had way to much carbonation.
    It felt like a soda lol.

    I read to cut back the sugar some to eliminate this issue.

    I'm going to do either the Patriot Ale, the American Ale, or the Classic American Light next.

    Any recommendations on cutting the sugar back on these?

    I'm not ready to start adding anything else to these batches, unless its really that easy, but I would like to know the opinions on whether or not to not use the recommended sugar amount on these next batches.


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