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  1. Thanks for the input guys! I figured that 5 gals might make it a little too watery. I'll do the 4 1/4 and see what happens. Thanks!!
  2. "SmokeDiver3zero" post=282683 said:I`m guessing you are using 4 cans total and not 2 - correct? :chug: Yes, 4 cans of HME.
  3. I'm going to brew 2 deluxe refills of American Devil IPA in a 5 gallon Ale Pail. Should I go ahead and top it off with water to 5 gallons of wort or leave it at 4 gallons?
  4. I bought a kegging starter kit from them and was very pleased. I got a good deal, the order came complete and ready to go and it arrived quickly. I will be doing business with them in the future.
  5. Great looking beer!!! Makes me thirsty! Congrats!
  6. Great deal!!! Welcome to the obsession my friend! As you probably already know, the folks on here can give you a hand on any problems you might encounter.
  7. Welcome to the forum!!
  8. "Joechianti" post=262572 said: "swenocha" post=262479 said:Now, since it's all in one can, and there is ME in the can and there is hops in the can, the can is technically all HME. But taken as what was in the original can and what was ADDED to it to make the new can, I'm saying that plain UME was added to the can. I know that is an oversimplification, but it makes the point, I believe. If we were to purchase one original can of Octoberfest and add 10 oz of UME it, we would add the SRM and IBU of each product together to get the combined total. So, you're saying that in effect the new standard refills are just the old deluxe refills (with a little less UME) now in one can. Interesting.....
  9. "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=260109 said:Ruskki When you use Domino Dots and bottle prime, do you have to do much "gentle" turning of the bottles upside down over and over until the cubes dissolve? What's your method, in detail (I'm new and want to learn as much as I can). :borg: I used Domino Dots to bottle my West Coast Pale Ale and I just dropped them in the bottle, filled with beer and capped it. Bye the time it was capped, the dots were pretty much dissolved. No shaking or turning of the bottles and the carbonation turned out great. The yeast will find the sugar and take care of business.
  10. "coffee" post=258320 said:But my question is this: In the Mr. Beer standard instructions, where you carb with sugar, it says to invert the bottle several times to mix the sugar into the beer. Do I need to do that with the carb tabs? From a veteran of one successful batch of WCPA, I'm certainly no expert, but I used Domino Dots (sugar cubes) and they worked great. No bottle shake or inversion needed. From info I read on this forum, the yeast will go to where the sugar is and take care of business.
  11. "SenorPepe" post=253779 said:Technically it just stops your yeast from reproducing.... Thanks for the correction, SenorPepe. Instead of killing the yeasties off, they die of attrition. So, you will get some fermentation until they die a natural death. Thanks for helping me get a better understanding of how it works!
  12. "GarretSTL" post=253743 said:The preservatives are sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, if that means anything to anyone. From the reading I have done so far, the potassium sorbate will kill off your yeast stopping any further fermentation. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.
  13. Cool looking spigots on your LBK's! Where did you find them?
  14. I finally found some on Amazon. It is listed as Oxyclean Versatile Free. According to the picture it says "new and improved". It is in a 3lb tub with a green lid for $8.77. The description says free of perfume, dyes and chlorine, so hopefully this is the right stuff!! LOL Thanks for all your help! Once again you all are johnny on the spot with information and suggestions for us noobs.
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