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  1. "Trollby" post=270770 said:I have 2 bottles left, next batch (Bohemian Imperial Pilsner) is in the Fermentor for a little over 1 week I've brewed this twice. Without a doubt my favorite Mr beer recipe ever! Clean hoppy crisp. Only one problem at 2 gallons goes way to fast. Soooo, Add 1lb dme a mexican cervesa and my last can of Imp Pils. throw in some saaz for flavor and we have a slightly lighter 5 gallon batch? Or I destroyed a really good beer..... Time will tell. My only real worry is I really under pitched. Used the original 34/70 the can came with, it's been in the veggie drawer for a year now, but was dated 6/13. No activity for about 20 hours. But I've read that this yeast can have a 2 day lag. pitched it dry becuase I wanted to duplicate the way I brewed the last time because it came out so well. pitched at 66deg. down to 48-50 within 24 hours to reduce need for a D-rest. I guess if I don't get activity in a couple days I'll get some fresh yeast and make a starter and repitch. :sweat: Bubbling away! Yeah! 1/29
  2. Kealia wrote: You want to prime based on the highest temperature achieved during fermentation. You CAN carb at fermenting temps but it is going to be slow. Most will recommend that you carb for 2 weeks at room temp and then go back to lagering - which is what I do, too. You will NOT pick up any off flavors by carbing at room temp. Your flavor profile was pretty much set during fermentation and the little amount that goes on with carbing isn't going to change that. So - carb at room temp for 2 weeks after priming, then go back top the fridge to lager for however long you like. I plan on 4 weeks minimum of lagering before cracking a bottle as I intended this to be a spring drinker. yeah and it is...real slow. but I wanted my first lager to be soo good. I have been doing what I can to avoid off flavors. But, just to beat a dead horse. I have read the same thing; prime based off of the highest fermentation temps. But I didnt do a D-rest but if I were to warm condition would yould you consider those the highest temps achieved. And if I had done a D-rest wouldn't you definitly have to consider those temps(for my next batch)? thanks
  3. Alright, so I have had my IMP PILS in the bottles for a week now. These warm temps are killing me.70 degrees in march really? I put 1.5 tsp corn sugar in each 1L and .75 in each 1/2L. they seem slow to firm. This is my first lager... when I do my next I will def have a mini fidge; My wife thinks I'm nuts. Been shooting for 53deg cosistent through fermentation and bottle condition. Been closer to 55 lately. But the bottles dont seem to be getting for hard yet. Am I just thinking this beer should act like an ale or should I be concerned? The sediment in the bottle is as much as I've ever seen in a MB recipe if not more.
  4. Trollby wrote: If you plan on room temp bottle conditioning you donot have to do a D-rest since the first week to two weeks is same as d-rest. I was going to but I am afraid that already being at 1.013 FG and after tasting it seems crisp, clear, and somewhat carbonated already; I might ruin or cause problems holding it at warm temps. I am thinking I will just follow my original thoughts(since they were guided by Fermentis direction re. Lager yeasts). Hopefully I don't ruin a good beer!
  5. I have already reached FG after 3 weeks @ 50-53 deg. I pitched @ 66 deg. and lowered temps to fermentation temps within 24 hours in hopes not to have to do a D-rest. This is my first lager. I read on Fermentis' web page that you shouldn't have to do a D-rest if you get to ferm temps quickly? I would like to carb/bottle and leave at ferm temps. FG is already at 1.013 at 51 deg.... What do y'all think? :dry:
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