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  1. So I just dump it in boiling water, add booster, dump it in the keg filled with cold water and add yeast?
  2. Has anyone tried the Munton's brand home brew? Is this brewed like the Mr Beer brand?
  3. Why does the Classic American light taste bad? Any other flavor I make turns out great, but the American Light always turns out like crap and completely undrinkable!
  4. I noticed mr beer no longer sells the old ingrediants, like west coast pale ale. Are they no longer available??
  5. ive had bottles 'soften-up' after being in the fridge too. but they still tasted good and had carbination.
  6. Not sure what went wrong. Ive had batches with lots of head and some with very little. Where the bottles hard before opening? If so, then you had carbonation. If it is carbonated and just isnt lively, try gently shaking the bottle a bit before pouring into glass. That should give it some fizz.
  7. i think its easier and safer to just use 1 packet. I let mine ferment for 3 weeks, and havent had any bottle bombs or off-flavors. Never used a hydrometer. I figure it better be done in 3 weeks. no reason it shouldnt. My beer tastes just fine for my liking. I like trying different things, but on a small and careful scale. If its good, dont fix it, right?
  8. I read on one topic of adding 2-3 yeast packets instead of just one. Does this give more flavor? Do i still ferment for 3 weeks? Are the bottles gonna explode?
  9. I once saw a topic of someone asking what was in GrainBelt Premium. Here's the ingredients, however, I have no idea on what proportion. Pale 2-row Barley Pale 6-row Barley Corn Domestic Hops GrainBelt Light: Pale 2-row Barley Dextrose Domestic Hops Hope this helps......
  10. Be careful on that 'testing 1 or 2 out' before the 4th. I have found that once you start testing, you cant stop there...... If you're not careful, you'll be drinking store bought beer on the 4th...lol.
  11. Normal for them to get hard in a day or 2. If they look as if they might burst, you can slowly and carefully 'slightly' open the cap a bit to release just a little pressure. Dont over do it though. You want plenty of pressure to remain. Only do this if you're pretty sure they are gonna burst. But i wouldnt worry. If you added the correct amount of priming sugar and didnt overfill the bottles, you'll be fine.
  12. So just outa curiousity, what would happen if i added 3 packs of booster? Its not gonna blow up?
  13. So the new re-fills need no booster..... Here on the forums, people say you can still add booster. Before I try this, do I use the entire can of HME? Does the extra sugar affect bottling? Will the booster change the flavor? Im not a pro-brewer, yet, so im not sure what adding stuff to a recipe all does.
  14. Just a helpful tip...... I get the inside of my beer mugs wet with water and place in freezer for at least an hour. Take 'em out of freezer, fill with beer and enjoy. The cold glass helps retain a foamy head.
  15. the more beer you drink, the better you feel (until morning).....
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