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  1. Nude in My BedStarter: mash up some fresh, unwashed local fruit in some water with DME dissolved in it. Let sit for 24-36 hours in back yard near local flora. Sniff. If smells like feet or anything similar, discard. If it smells like beer or wine, keep. Base: 2.25 gal batch 3# Bavarian Wheat LME 0.25oz First Gold @15 0.25oz Saaz @15 Small amount dregs (tiny!) previous batch [Martin Luther's Dubbel Spoon]http://community.mrbeer.com/community/discussion-forums/advanced-recipes/martin-luther%27s-dubbel-spoon pour into primary fermenter (LBK). Let ferment at least 2 weeks. After primary fermentation, combine in sanitized blender: 3# Oregon Fruit- Strawberries 1# Rhubarb (frozen to burst the cells, then thawed) 0.25# Demerara Sugar Siphon into secondary fermenter (large bucket with spigot) along with beer. Ensure fill line goes up to 2.5 gal. If not, add water. Allow to ferment up to another month. Using spigot (the spigot is elevated so as to leave sediment behind) and hose, refill LBK with beer, use as tertiary fermenter. Ferment again up to another month. Bottle using carbonation tabs. Projected Stats Bitterness: 6 Color: Pink ABV: 5.3%
  2. Updated recipe after much calculation-wrangling.
  3. I figured as much, but every recipe I find has it going anywhere from 8-11% when I plug it into Qbrew. Should I go for more color and less alcohol?
  4. Hello all! I know I've been gone for quite a while now, but as my deployment is finally finishing up, my "Grail-shaped beacon" Tripel waiting for me at home, I've decided to design a batch for when I go on leave. This is my first Dubbel, but I did some research, and have tailored it to my own preferences, but I want feedback on how things might turn out, or suggested substitutes (and why). Martin Luther's Dubbel Spoon (LBK, 2.13 gal) 2# Pilsen LME 1# Munich LME 0.25# Special B, steeped 0.25# Aromatic, steeped 0.5# Demerara sugar 0.25oz Goldings, @25 0.25oz Hallertauer Saphir, @25 0.25oz Saaz, @15 0.25oz Goldings, @15 0.5oz Saaz, @5 0.25oz Hallertauer Saphir, @5 5g Safbrew T-58 Projected stats: Bitterness: 17 Color: 15 ABV: 6.3% Update 5 Jan: increased flavor, reduced bitterness in hops. and reduced sugar.
  5. Sorry for triple posting, but I seem to get the same OG and ABV if I replace .75# cane sugar with another #of wheat LME. Is the sugar there for something? I have 3# wheat total and wouldn't mind using all of them.
  6. Grail Shaped Beacon ------------------- Brewer: Style: Belgian Tripel Batch: 2.13 gal Extract Characteristics --------------- Recipe Gravity: 1.085 OG Recipe Bitterness: 32 IBU Recipe Color: 5° SRM Estimated FG: 1.021 Alcohol by Volume: 8.2% Alcohol by Weight: 6.5% Ingredients ----------- Briess LME - Bavarian Wheat ---------2.00 lb, Extract, Extract Cane Sugar --------------------------------0.75 lb, Sugar, Other Malted Oats ------------------------------- 0.40 lb, Grain, Steeped Mr. Beer/Coopers Canadian Blonde--1.87 lb, Extract, Extract Hallertauer (Germany) ------------------0.50 oz, Pellet, 60 minutes Mr. Beer/Coopers Canadian Blonde--1.00 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes Saaz (Czech)-------------------------------0.50 oz, Pellet, 10 minutes Corriander Seed --------------------------0.25 unit, Spice, Notes ----- Recipe Notes: WB-06 yeast 11.5 g Batch Notes: Mr. Beer's high gravity recipes used to call for 2 packs of their ale yeast, to handle the load. Would 11.5g, a whole pack for a 5 gallon batch, work?
  7. what do you mean, unless i can make a big starter?
  8. Here's the old recipe: 1 Can High Country Canadian Draft HME 1 Can Pale Export UME 1 Packet Willamette Pellet Hops 1 Pouch American Ale Liquid Yeast 1/2 Teaspoon Saffron 2 Cups Honey 2 Cups Muscat Grape Juice Now, this of course doesn't quite translate. I'm thinking: 1 Can Canadian Blonde HME 1 Packet Willamette Pellet Hops or something comparable, like NB 1 Pouch Yeast Of Some Kind 1/2 Teaspoon Saffron 2 Cups Honey 2 Cups Welch's White Grape Juice But I don't know the ABV. I would want it to be over 9%. Let's really get crazy here.
  9. Grains: I have a Briess Crystal 60L that has raisin, caramel, and something else flavors, rather dark. Yeast: I have nottingham, standard fumunda ale yeast, wheat yeast, and ummm whitbread I think it's called? Also champagne yeast. OOOOOHHHH! :woohoo: What was that recipe with White Grape Juice? Can we make some sort of unholy abomination with that? :evil:
  10. I could try a tripel, I have cane sugar sitting at the house. Don't know what special b is, and candi sugar is at my LHBS
  11. I'm going on deployment in a few months, and am trying to use up the last of my ingredients. I'm planning on bottling my last batch next month, and all I have left is Canadian Blonde HME and 3#wheat LME, some varying kinds of yeast and some NB hops, Saaz, Hallertau and Kent Goldings hops. I want to make a high-gravity beer that can sit on the shelves for half a year until I come back. I can buy a bag of specialty grains, or maybe some yeast, but I'm trying to keep it simple. Anyone have any ideas? I definitely have to use all the malt extract before I go. I really like Belgian Dubbels. Can I cobble together some sort of frankenbier that resembles that?
  12. That would be an OG of 1.031, which is good enough for me!
  13. THANKS! That's a non-fermentable starch, right? I want to plug that into Qbrew, but it looks like it's not an option. At any rate, I think I've seen it for megacheap in my LHBS. I did a sort of preview, assuming Mr.B booster was half maltodextrin and half corn sugar (making about 4 oz), it would boost my body by 0.010, which would be what I was looking for. Here's the recipe I'm going to try: 2 gallons 1 lb LME .500 lb Crystal malt 60L .250 lb Chocolate Malt .25 oz fuggles @ 45 .25 oz fuggles @ 15 4 oz. Maltodextrin Notty yeast ABV est. 2.4%
  14. Looking through my Designing Great Beers, I see that my OG should be 1.030-1.036, while ABV can range from 2.5-3.6%. While I realize these are guidelines, I can't figure out how to reduce the ABV to, say, 2.7% without plunging the OG to 1.028. How can I increase body while adding minimal alcohol? Just more steeping grains? If so, which, should I just add more Crystal and Chocolate?
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