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  1. I use a siphon to transfer to slimline. Once its half way I pour in priming solution then fill the rest. I use a cup or 2 of water and 2.2 ounces of Dme for priming all my beers. Dip bottling wand into sanitizer for a lil lube. With enuf elbow grease it slides in. Then bottle. Sanitizing everything takes the most time. Most importantly, have a few beers during the procesd.
  2. I made a modified recipe by just using a 0.5toz of chinook in a small hop boil. The porter was catchy enuf by it self. After 5months conditioning, its well over 80 IBUs but very good. Its potent at 6.4abv. After 6 months conditioning, youll either have one or eight. #twiddlinng thumbs.
  3. Welcome to to forum. Its all about getting your wort to the correct pitching temps is all. Cold water Counteracts the boiling wort mixture. Pitching to hot will kill your yeast.
  4. Agree with Rick beer. Its a fine brew. Ferment and bottle it and sit on it till Halloween, Thanx, Xmas time. U wont be disappointed.
  5. I would pull them out of the fridge and let them condition a bit longer at room temps. 12 days is enuf for carbonation but another 2 weeks would greatly improve. But if its to your liking now then by all means. As for the 4.5 weeks in the fermentor, no problem. My recent beers have been fermenting for 4+ weeks. Mostly due to laziness but Ive no problems with them. Brew on.
  6. I did a SMaSH with 6lbs of 2row. Rehydrated a sachel of 05. Didnt check on it for a day. Went down to look and saw a few bubbles and thought it was just starting. Turns out it was just finishing. 5%abv and never saw any active fermentation or krausen. Dont blink.
  7. Aggressive fermentation doesnt last long. Usually anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on the brew. But your good for now. Like others have stsated this batch may have some fusel tastes but its by no means wrecked. In the future just ferment at a lower temp with the methods provided. A long journey starts with the firdt step....welcome
  8. Baby food jars will work fine. The key is to move the good yeast to smaller jars leaving behind as much junk as possible and thereby helping with storage. I use a sanitized dish cover thats just a thicker syran wrap basically and has an elastic band. My pickle jar still has a faint pickle smell if I just use the metal lid. Figure Id try and keep that out but I do love pickles so what the hell. As for the starter, I use a 1L flask and just put a sanitized piece of foil over the lid and fold it down. Not tight or anything. Serves as a lid I suppose and still lets the CO2 to escape. Im in the process of making a stirplate but if u have no stir plate. Just swirl it up a bit everytime u walk by it. The yeast like to clump and stick to the bottom and this will help keep it in suspension. This is my understanding of the process and its served me well.
  9. I do small AGRecipes in a 5G pot all tbe time. Theyre small, urefhined and undesirable per the empire. Im usually around 67% and thats good by me. Make decisions, move on and damn tbe consequences.
  10. Ditto. Simple fix for this problem is another week or 3. A hard firm bottle is a great indicator that its priming. However thats not the key to when its ready. Been following your posts, your close. That patience is a real kicker....
  11. I think a variance in temp ranges is the key. All within the recommended ranges but not at a stable temp. I forget my FG but the abv is around 6.4ish. Ive spent the afternoon downing a few and its quite deliche. Im thinking I was one of the lucky ones with this seasonal. It got me off the fitness couch this afternoon to brew the summer seasonal. Gonna brew that up as is.
  12. A wing capper works best for long necks. And since all other glass bottle styles look terrible, I have a wing capper.
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