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  1. I'd like to try it just for the name alone! By profession I'm a DBA (Database Administrator). My boss recently sent me a photo of a DBA tap handle from a bar in Vegas. Can you post a link to the recipe? Thanks in advance!
  2. I use Qbrew but I bought Beersmith when it was on sale. I haven't done any new recipes since then.
  3. My take on the android versus iPhone is that if you're the type that gets a phone and uses it as is (aside from installing games and apps) the iPhone is a good choice. If you like to tweak, hack, install modified firmware, then the android is the way to go. I'm not an Apple type but I just got an iPhone with unlimited data as part of my job and I love it. But if I was paying for it I probably would have purchased an android phone since I fall into the group that likes to tweak and modify my electronic gadgets. Edit - Wow I just became fully fermented! Can't wait to get carbonated!
  4. Probably, I guessed German because of their insistence that German hops were the best. Love the fatherland and all...
  5. I would guess that an online translator was used. Probably German to English. Well, English words at least, They're just not strung together in a manner that makes sense.
  6. Here's what I consider one of the better articles that I've read on off flavors and what can cause them: http://morebeer.com/content/homebrew-off-flavors If the sour taste is like green apples it sounds like acetaldehyde and it could improve with aging.
  7. HSA = Hot Side Aeration Oops, bpgreen beat me to it!
  8. I use one. I like it because it only takes a few drops which with Mr Beer size batches is nice. If you get one I would recommend one that automatically compensates for temperature.
  9. A local brew pub did a chocolate mint stout. It was among the worst beers I've ever had. I also agree that, if you do decide to brew a mint chocolate beer, the WCPA is probably not the best choice. I think a stout or porter is about the only way to come up with something drinkable.
  10. "docpd" post=269587 said:I brew a mean Irish Red using 2 cans BWA, 1 lb of light DME, Steeped carapils and caramel 20L, and a 40, 30,15 minute hop boil schedule. One of my favorite Mr Beer based recipes. I fact I just went ot hy LHBS and bought 6 cans of BWA, before they are gone. I think the booster will be ok if you don't have any DME. I have done this with both Amber and Light DME, but liked it with the light a bit better. That sounds like a great recipe! Do you mind sharing what type of hops you are using? I have several cans BWA and I've been planning a hopped up Red.
  11. My view on it is that if the beer looks cloudy and I have time to cold crash, why not do it. I cold crashed my last IIPA but didn't cold crash my last stout because the stout looked pretty clear and the IIPA was cloudy. It's easy and I don't think it can hurt anything as long as fermentation is complete. Keep in mind that I'm new to this and am only on my 4th batch.
  12. I found that the first beer out of the LBK can be cloudier even if you tilt the LBK while cold crashing. Especially with some of the yeasts that produce more trub. I usually run a few ounces into a glass and either pitch it or drink it and then draw a little more to see if it's cleared up.
  13. If you go with the bacon "dry hopping" method again maybe it would work better to wait until 5 -7 days before bottling to add the bacon.
  14. I'd guess that the fat in the bacon is a problem. I read an article on a bacon beer and they baked the bacon until it was basically dried and then dry hopped with it. http://www.byo.com/component/resource/article/2060-breakfast-beers-bacon-beer
  15. I'm a noob but I recall reading that using filtered or reverse osmosis water doesn't matter if you're using extracts because the extract contains all of the minerals, etc that are removed from the water. Hopefully one of the expert borg members will chime in...
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