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  1. Not to highjack your post but i just bottled my fourth, a red ale, and while doing it I drank one of my second a www. It is great. Drue
  2. Not to highjack your pos
  3. I posted in the wanted section { anything mr beer wanted}
  4. I got a lbk, 6 bottles, (1 liter)and some hme's for 5 bucks Drue
  5. Got it bottled and enjoyed a home brew while doing the bottling. Life is good Drue
  6. Okay sounds good. The local Sportsmans Warehouse has mrbeer stuff, just picked up some new .5 liter bottles for 16 bucks. Drue
  7. So I have a batch of cowboy golden I need to bottle. It's been cold crashed fo a week now, is that to long and will I have enough yeasties to carb it? Just been a busy week and didn't get it done sooner. thank in advance Drue
  8. drue

    New Brew

    well i waited and didn't get any suggestions so i made the cowboy golden, I have another lbk so maybe ill start the red next. Thanks again Drue
  9. So finished off the WCPA have WW in bottles 1 week now, and I have three pack variety pack. Which one should I start tonight? Blonde Ale Red Ale or Golden Lager, any suggestions? thanks Drue
  10. the best if useed by dates are 05 and 06 and the booster is rock hard.
  11. Just wondering because I put an ad on craigs list for mr beer stuff this am and ended up with a lbk 6 1 liter bottles and some hme and ume plus some booster for 5 bucks. it,s just a little old. Drue
  12. what is the oldest hme or ume you would use?
  13. So I just tried another sample and it's not so sour just a little tart, should be fine. I will prolly bottle it this week as soon as I either get my new bottles I just ordered or my others all back from my brother. Thanx again drue
  14. Ill try it again today and see if it's tart or sour, just wondered if it needs more time in the fermenter or something easy. drue
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