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  1. I have been away from brewing for a bit. Looking at some of the stout recipes, and thinking about how I would steep some specialty grains for a stout. I have some ideas but wanted some feedback on how to do it and types. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. After successfully doing some 1 gallon batches, I was doing my 3rd batch. When I was using my auto siphon along with the MR Beer bottling wand, there was a lot of additional pressure in the hose and it eventually blew off the end of the bottling wand. Any ideas of why? Did not happen the first 2 times I did it, and after this mishap I tried again just with water and got the same issue. Help!
  3. So today I tried my experiment and all I got through was one bottle. I added the carb drops, after a discussion with the owner at my local homebrew store, what I got was an overflow of beer out of the bottle. So I tried salvaging what was left of the beer, covered it with plastic to get a chill on it and see how it tastes later. Tried some warm but couldn't really tell I put 1 fresh bottle in the fridge and am going to see what the carbonation is like after a few days. So the sugar is in there for sure. I used Brewers Best carb tabs and used 3 for LOW carbonation to try an recarb the beer. I don't have my notes on when I primed, but I batch primed and used 4/10 of a cup of corn sugar and boiled for 15 minutes. A 5 gallon batch would be 3/4 of a cup of corn sugar, so I acted it like it was a 2 1/2 gallon batch, which mine was just short of. Thoughts ? Ideas?
  4. Thank you RickBeer and Samueld !!! Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Hello! I have been experimenting with batch priming. It seems I am not getting the carbonation level I want. I have been using corn sugar and scaling the amount I use for a 2.13 gallon batch. I have a batch I just made and it tastes good, but lacks on carbonation. I have had 4 bottles, after a 3 week fermentation in a dorm fridge with a temperature controller and then 4 weeks at room temperature conditioning. I have 18 or 19 bottles left. I am thinking about doing some experimenting and wanted your thoughts. I was thinking about opening a few bottles, sanitizing some new bottle tops and dropping a carbonation tablet in and recapping and let sit and se how that goes? The other is going to my local homebrew store and picking up a mini keg, and finally taking the plunge into kegging. My idea is to empty the bottles I have left and putting them in the keg and force carbing them. Anybody done any of the above? Thoughts and feedback would be great. Thanks in advance
  6. Sounds like it went well. I am going to my first 5 gallon batch this weekend. Got a kit from NB for a Kolsch. Going to ferment in 2 LBKS as well, works better for space.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The Beer is fermenting already, I was going to add at bottling time. So less coffee?
  8. I am planning on making the Ole Mole Stout recipe. I want to try a liquid yeast. Thoughts on what type I should use for this recipe? Thanks in advance
  9. "FedoraDave" post=332795 said:The attitude I come across for the most part is that Mr. Beer is a great way to get started with homebrewing, but that there has to come a time, if you're serious about it, that the "training wheels" have to come off, and you move up to at least UMEs and hop boils, if not PMs and AG. Ironically, I pretty much do only AG batches or Mr. Beer recipes with no additions. While I prefer my original AG recipes (for a lot of reasons), I don't feel I'm compromising or drinking a lesser product with the Mr. Beer batches. Anyone who disses the Mr. Beer system or ingredients is just ignorant, and I treat them as such, as befits whatever attitude is coming across. In other words, if the person just seems genuinely uninformed, I'll do my best to educate them. If they're being a douche about it, though, I'll do whatever I can to bring them down a peg or two. I really don't like arrogance and condescension, especially when the underlying opinion forming it is erroneous. Love it! Well said Dave!
  10. I am making a batch of Black Tower Porter. I am going to add coffee at bottling time. My plan is to brew some Kona Coffee, chill it and add an ounce to each 12oz bottle. I was thinking of splitting the batch and making a Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee and adding that to half the bottles instead of the Kona Coffee. Do you think the taste of the Pumpkin will come out in the finished beer? I was going to add an ounce. Thoughts? Thanks in advance
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