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  1. So what would happen if I just use the two packs of fromunda?
  2. Thanks everyone! I do have a slight problem though, I don't really have access to any liquid yeast. I live in Canada and Mr Beer doesn't ship to here, and I also don't have a LHBS available! So I don't have a choice but to use the fromunda yeast
  3. Hi everyone! So....I have a package of High Country Canadian Draft ( with pale export) and one package of HCCD ( with booster). Any idea what this would taste like adding all of this together ( Two HCCD HME's/UME/Booster)? Or if it would be too strong? Thanks!
  4. So I recently bottled the CGL on Monday, and I think I primed with 3/4tsp. But, after looking on the MrBeer website it says for 16oz bottles I should use 1tsp. If this is not enough can I pop the bottles, add more sugar, and seal them again? Or should I just leave it and have a low carbonated beer THanks!
  5. So, I brewed the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner on Saturday. I started fermenting fairly fast, by Sunday morning there a significant layer of krausen on the top. Then by Monday evening, there was almost no krausen whatsoever. I just assumed since there had been so much that it would gradually dissipate, but no. Is this typical for this brew? Rob
  6. I just have the yeast that came under the cans ( two from the Bohemians, and one from the WCPA) nothing else lol I can get some honey though, does it have to be natural honey? If so, when do I add it>?
  7. Ok...I have a can of Classic American Blonde, West Coast Pale Ale, Pale Export, and a pouch of booster. Which ones should I mix together? Or which one of those should I use the Pale Export with?
  8. Another question! I don't have a secondary right now, but would it be better to transfer to a secondary to cold crash? Or is it ok to cold crash directly in the LBK
  9. Thanks Yankeedag! You're the man!
  10. Great thanks everyone! Has anyone had any experience bottling with Grolsch bottles? I was trying to figure out how much priming sugar they would need? Also, if it's ok to use a green bottle
  11. When you start bottling after cold crashing, will it take longer to carbonate since the beer is now cold while you are bottling? Or would you take the secondary out of the fridge and wait for it to reach room temp again, and then bottle? Thanks!
  12. Hi Everyone! Anyone know how much priming sugar to put into the Grolsch swingtop bottles? I believe they are 450ml bottles, Thanks!
  13. Ok, I'm really new at this! When is flameout?
  14. Hi Everyone! I searched through the forum for my question, but didn't find the answer that I was looking for. I was just wondering what I needed to do to add a citrus/orangey flavor...maybe something like Rickards White. Do I add orange juice/peel etc? If so, when do I add it? Just throw it in when I make the wort mixture before I pitch the yeast? Thanks!
  15. Hi Everyone! Another question from a new brewer! I was just wondering how I would get a hint of lime in one of my home brews. Could I add juice from a lime to the keg before/after pitching the yeast? Thanks!
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