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  1. Hey all, If anyone lives in or around SW Ontario, in particular London. London now has it's own brewing forum where we can all meet locally and discuss our brews. Check it out: www.londonbrewers.ca See you there! :party:
  2. Okay I tried one beer and it's good but not great. I'm thinking another 1-2 weeks in the bottle. You can still taste a bit of that conditioning sugars. The product is pretty clear too.
  3. Hey all! I just had the pleasure of brewing a batch of the St. Patrick's Irish Stout. I wanted this batch to be memorable with taste and fullness coming into the fall and winter. So, I changed the basic recipe up a bit using a 1 lb bag of dark dried malt to give it more body and flavor. This should also boost the alcohol level compared to using the booster that came in the kit. I didn't want to add any fresh hops because this beer isn't about that but for fun I decided to change the yeast to see what that will do. I used one made for brewing an English ale beer; Safale s-04. Looking at about 3 weeks in the little keg and another 3 weeks for bottle conditioning. Will keep you posted.
  4. While I was waiting to bottle the beer, the gravity had gone down to about 1010. It smells more done and tastes less sweet, should be yummy. I'll find out next week.
  5. Thanks for the information. Looks like my brew should be fine. The FG read is 1015 or so. I'll keep you all posted once it is ready to consume. :gulp:
  6. Just finishing up on the brew for the Englishman's Nut Brown. I'm concerned because the temperature was a bit high in the basement and I'm not sure if it stalled or not. Anyone have the final gravity read for it? I plan to leave it maybe another week before bottling just to be sure. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Hmm, now that's a good point. No I hadn't tried it straight up as is. Okay lets forget about trying to make it sweeter. What about adding a fresh hop edition to it. Could do a bit of a boil with fuggles. I'm trying to achieve something that is tasting fresh.
  8. Yes your are right, it is just a West Coast Ale and not IPA.
  9. I finished brewing the West Coast IPA and it turned out great. Good flavor, fresh tasting. I followed everything to the Mr. Beer recipe BUT put in some Cascade hops in a bag after fermentation for about 3 days. Also, instead of using white sugar I used the Dextrose (corn sugar) to prime the bottles. While I have a bit of head on the beer, I think I will age the rest of the bottles before cracking open another cold one.
  10. Hey there, I'm onto my next brew; Englishman's Nut Brown. This kit includes: Mr. Beer Englishman's Nut Brown 1can Mr. Beer Mellow Amber UME 1can I wanting to make the beer slightly sweeter, thinking of using maltodextrin, but how much? I want a cream ale finish. The other option would be to use a booster pack. I also want to add some flavor, fresh hops maybe some fuggles but I need to boil them for about 30 min or so. Anyone have any experience in tweeking this basic recipe a bit? Nothing to advance just some minor customization. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the welcome! I have experience brewing wine and fruit wines but hadn't done beer before. My buddy brews beer and just made the leap to all grain and it was fun to watch. I figure I start with the basics for a bit. So far I can say that this beer brewing is far more involved and is truly a science. Regards, DMA'89
  12. I am doing it by the book with what came in the kit. No I have not varied it. I have plans to dry hop though but the fermentation has been completed. Yeah, no I didn't use a Hydrometer must have missed that step... Thanks, DM'89
  13. Hey all, I'm in the middle of brewing up the west coast IPA, anyone have any idea what the alcohol content is in such a brew following the recipe? DMA'89
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