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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys, it's awesome to hear that there is interest in this. I agree that it would probably be safer to ship in PET bottles. Unfortunately, everything I have right now is in glass. But I will be bottling some modified X-Treme X-Sport in about a week or so and I'll put a couple in plastic just for this. I also think it would be cool to include a little info about your recipe, tweaks, conditioning time, all those things that are really only interesting to fellow brewers. If you're willing to share your secrets, that is. Well, I'll be in touch when I have this next batch ready to ship. Hopefully these swaps will contribute to the community. Any one out there close to Santa Barbara, CA?
  2. Hello Borg, First post! Although I have been lurking here for the past few months learning everything I possibly can from you guys. So thanks for passing on all the knowledge! I've got Batch #5 fermenting in the closet right now, each batch seems to get a little better. Here's the thing. I don't know anybody else who homebrews, so I haven't really been able to compare my results with anybody else's. How do I know that my Shameless Stout is as good as I think it is if I can't compare it with a buddy who may have some different practices or conditions? So is there anyone out there that would want to do a beer exchange via UPS? I'll send you a 12oz, you send me a 12oz, and we can give each other some feedback from the fellow amateur homebrewer perspective? See what kind of results other people are getting? Maybe there's something like this already going on here on the Borg. Another thought, does beer even ship well? :cheers:
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