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  1. Thanks for everybody's comments. I'm guessing the problem was with me (more specifically, my taste buds) and not the beer. I've been drinking the Octoberfest Lager off and on now, and it tastes just fine. I gave some to my neighbor to try, and he liked it as well. Who knows, perhaps I should have shaved my tongue or something :laugh:
  2. I've been brewing Mr. Beer refill kits for almost a year now, and constantly have two fermenters in operation (with a third put away for emergencies ). I'm very careful about keeping my equipment clean and sanitized, and have had very good luck with the batches I've made. My standard routine is to let the wort ferment for three weeks, then bottle, and let it carbonate and condition for five weeks. This past Sunday (April 21st), I was finally able to taste the first bottle of the Octoberfest Lager I started fermenting on February 25. After reading the flavor profile on the Mr. Beer site, I was expecting it to have a more malty lager flavor, but this one (and I've had two different bottles, just to be sure) is very tangy, almost citrusy. When I tasted the flat beer on bottling day, it had a very good malty flavor. Is it possible the beer went bad in the bottle? I will taste yet another bottle tonight, just to be sure. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm a big fan of Black and Tan beers, and was wondering if it would be possible to make my own, by fermenting either the St. Patrick's Irish Stout or American Porter with the Patriot Lager. If so, should I use one or both of the yeast packets? Howard
  4. Good review, I'm going to have to try the Bewitched Amber Ale now.
  5. Most awesome! My wife doesn't drink beer, but she helps me every step of the way in my brewing efforts. It just wouldn't be the same without her in the kitchen. I hope you and your girlfriend continue to enjoy brewing and drinking beer together! Howard
  6. I put a dozen bottles in an empty five gallon kit, then put about three gallons of warm water with a scoop of brewery wash in each gallon, making sure to fill the bottles, so they don't float. After letting them sit for 15 to 20 minutes or so, the labels just peel right off. If I have more than 12 bottles (shame on me!), as I remove one and peel off the label, I add a new one. I do this with all kinds of commercial bottles, but I started doing it with Samuel Adams bottles, and have had no trouble at all.
  7. "manosteel9423" post=254690 said: Just a suggestion...by all means, throw that first bottle in the fridge at two weeks in the bottles, but leave the rest out at room temperature. Your beer will probably be much better at four weeks in the bottles than they are at two, so if you can manage the patience, try to spread them out a bit and see how they change. It will be great learning experience. Welcome to the both of you!! Thank you sir! I will take your suggestion to heart. I will keep a diary of when I put each bottle from this first batch into the fridge (IE: how long it sat in the bottle at room temp), and see how the flavor changes. I'm also going to get another batch of beer in the fermenter tonight. I'm thinking Octoberfest Vienna Lager.
  8. I'm a first time brewer too, put my WCPA in the fermenter on 4/6/2012, and just bottled it this morning. I'm going to let it condition and carbonate for two solid weeks, then in the fridge it goes. I'm really looking forward to opening that first bottle, around 5/7/2012.
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