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  1. yes I added a DME 1 lb of muntons dark DME to the oatmeal stout and followed the mr. beer recipe for the Russian Imperial Stout.
  2. Ok so I am I big fan of stouts but so far the ones that I have made, a Russian Imperial and an Oatmeal Stout have not had much of the roasted flavors. Are there any recommendations to get this characteristic into my stouts. Thanks for the help
  3. Awesome thanks for the info D
  4. SO I am planning on doing an oatmeal stout with two cans of the SWOS. I would like to steep some oats and add some DME but I am not sure if I need to boil the DME then steep the oats or Steep the oats then boil DME. Thanks for the help if you all need more info just let me know
  5. I like the idea of a hangover free beer lol
  6. Sounds like everything went smooth for you mjkatona before you know it you will be enjoying a Beer that you made yourself!
  7. I really like the spray bottle with sanitizer idea I'm going to have to start doing that
  8. I just brewed last night I ended up boiling the hops with 1 lb. of Muntons amber DME for 30mins in 10 cups of water. At flameout I then added I package of booster and one can of WCPA. I pitched my yeast as normal and have a nice layer of krausen in my LBK thanks Borg for the help and advice.
  9. I was planning on using 0.5 oz of centennial and 0.25 Tetnnager both for 60 mins with 1 lb. of DME, but looking at what professor posted I should be able to cut the boil down to 30 min and still come out with a good IPA right? This is a mr. beer sized batch
  10. Thanks Professor that helps a ton
  11. Also this is my first time hop boil so any information will be very useful thanks again for the help
  12. I am planning on using the WCPA with Tettnanger and centennial hops along with the DME to make an IPA. I had thought that for Hop boils it was standard to boil for 60 mins if not Im happy to go for a shorter time : )
  13. Ok, so for my next beer I am planning on doing a 60 minute hop boil with 1 lb. of muntons amber DME and was wondering how much water I should use for the boil thanks for the help.
  14. I also just brewed the Russian Imperial Stout it calls for 6 to 7 months of conditioning though I've got a feeling I will be cheating and cracking a few bottles a little early.
  15. I just brewed the Mr. Beer recipe straight up as this was just me 3rd batch, but I am starting to get more confident about tweaking the recipes as I read more about brewing.
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