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  1. I've been brewing for about a year now but been sticking to the basic recipes for the most part. But, now I'm wanting to brew my first IPA. However, not really sure how to go about it with what I have in stock, so I'm looking for a little help from the borg Here's everything I've got right now, and I have several cans of all of it (all are the old cans pre-buyout)... Grand Bohemian pilsner Sticky wicket stout Pilothouse pilsner High country canadian draft Octoberfest vienna lager Whispering wheat weizenbier Witty monk wittbier Wesr coast pale ale Cowboy golden lager A briess sparkling amber 3.3lb can 3lbs pilsner dme 2lbs traditional dark dme Bunch of boosters lol And hops wise i have 2-4 ounces each of Saaz (czech) Mittlefrue Columbus I dont really wanna buy anything else, but would be willing to spring for so more hops if i needed to. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  2. Wow, so gonna have to try this!! My mom makes FANTASTIC homemade bread, now I'm gonna have to give her my trub to try something new lol.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info. Can't wait to give it a try
  4. I recently had a pint of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and LOVED it! I'd love to try to make a copy of it, and have a few questions. Which Mr. Beer HME would be best for the base? On hand I've got 3 International 3 packs from the Outfitters sale, Witty Monk, Black Tower Porter, Sticky Wicket, Pilothouse Pilsner, Linebacker, and a Creamy Brown UME; plus 3lbs each of Briess Pilsner and extra dark DME. I don't have much of a LHBS, just a liquor store that sells a few things, but they do keep the Briess LMEs on hand. Also, about the oak chips. How many should I use for a 2 1/2 gallon batch? And how long should I soak them in the bourbon? And When should I put them in the LBK, after brewing with the wort, or a week or two in? I've got about 8-10 brews under my belt now, still a noob but read here everyday, so I'm learning Thanks for the help!!
  5. We had a 400 mile yard sale around here this weekend, and me and the girlfriend did about 15 of those miles (just that little bit took almost 5 hours!). Didn't find a lot, but got a one gallon glass jug for a buck, one brown swingtop bottle for .50 cents, and my best find, 7 of these 40cl Stella Artois glasses for a quarter a piece!!
  6. Ahh thanks!! I did a self edit and removed it myself.
  7. Are we not supposed to post codes here? Newb here....
  8. If you couple the club discount with the 20% coupon code you can get a very good discount! I just joined and made my first order yesterday, got the premium refill kits for $12.77 ($19.95 regular) and deluxe for $11.49 ($17.95 regular).
  9. Thanks for the info!! Can't wait to brew again
  10. I've just started brewing with Mr. Beer, two batches down, the Pale Ale that comes with the kit and the Czech Pislner (both turned out better than my expectations, too!). So now I'm hooked, and thinking about placing a big order to last me a few months. I was wondering what the shelf life on the cans of HME and UME was. It'll still be good 2 or 3 months down the road, right? But the yeast should be put in the fridge (or freezer?) for storage? Thanks for the help!!
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