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  1. I got what you're saying now, because half of the 5 gallons, would be more than a normal can of mr beer hme...Thanks thats a really good point.
  2. When I get to the lhbs I'll pick his brain a bit. When I have gone there in the past it's always been interesting because he doesn't like Mr beer so he kinda puts it down, but I'll still see what he has to say though
  3. Thanks Time traveller, I think I'll go with option #2. Do you think I should add the dark dme, that I already have, to that as well
  4. I hope somebody can help me with this, just bare with me. I was hoping to brew something similar to the mr beer Irish stout or American porter.This would be for the 2 gallon lbk. I don't have the mr beer can of hme, but that is the only way I have ever brewed beer, so I have no idea as to how much or even what kind of hops,yeast, or malt to buy. I do have some leftover Muntons (dark) dme that I was using to add to other batches though. Any suggestions for what I could pick up at the lhbs. Thank You
  5. Thank You. I'm just not used to a batch smelling so terrible two weeks in, but I will wait another week and then bottle it up.
  6. Well I will definitely wait it out. Thank You
  7. No I don't .The thing is, I don't see this batch being ready in another week. It's way off. Let me ask this. How long do I wait before I throw in the towel on this batch?
  8. Two weeks ago I brewed a batch of the whispering wheat weizenbier. Along with the hme I also added a pound of muntons wheat dme, half a pouch of booster and 11.5 gms of wb-06 yeast(I was told it was okay to use that much yeast). I couldn't even bring myself to sampling it. It just smells bad, like a very strong yeast smell. So does anyone know how long this batch should take in the fermenter? I assume it's due to all the yeast I used but I'm not sure, because it's been two weeks already.
  9. Do you think I should use the mb's recommended boiling time?
  10. Does anyone know if I need to add more water (then mr beer recommends) when I use the hme with a lb of wheat dme and a half pouch of booster
  11. This is good to know. I was thinking about using some of the left over wheat dme ,since it's a 3lb bag, in the canadian draft next time
  12. It's 11.5 grams of yeast, is that much okay?
  13. The dme is muntons wheat. It's what the lhbs recomended.
  14. Okay, a few weeks ago I posted a question on a wheat beer I was about to brew, and it was a last minute thing so I was short on ingredients. I actually did hold off and waited until I picked up some dme and wb-06 yeast. With all that said. For the one can of www hme, how much dme and yeast should I use. Also should I let this batch ferment any longer than two weeks? Thank You.
  15. I'm gonna go with www and the dried orange peel today. Thanks everyone for all of your input. If I learned one thing, it would be more preparation.
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