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  1. Livingsocial Has a deal going on until Friday for a Basic Brewer's Best 5 gallon starters kit for $56. Regular price $112. The deal is at Fox Valley Homebrew in Aurora, IL. Figured I'd share.. Here's the link: http://www.livingsocial.com/cities/98/deals/312032-basic-beer-brewing-kit
  2. I received a Mr Beer kit this past Christmas and proceeded to quickly brew up the standard WCPA. 7 weeks later, crack one open and wasn't exactly thrilled with my final product. But, hell it was my own beer I made myself and it tasted better than a Miller Lite! So before attempting another batch, I read quite a bit on this fourm here and was able to learn why the initial brew turned out cidery, amongst other things. Thanks to the kind folks around here, I've gone from dry hopping the Shillelagh Stout, doing partial hop boils with the Honey Maibock to creating my own recipes with steeping grains, full boils and the works.. So, I figured It's about time I joined the forum to say thanks and learn even more.
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