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  1. Patriot lager needs to be totally re-branded. I don't think they could get away with some of the above suggestions. Maybe calling it Ye Olde Lager would be ok without implying it is a knock off of Sam Adams.
  2. Also maybe the reason why they were offering those 2 for 1 deals was to get rid of there inventory before a specified date or something
  3. I guess my can of Patriot Lager just appreciated. Who wants to make me an offer?
  4. Well when you are taking the gravity readings it's not taking into account the alcohol that is going to be produced from when you add the sugar during the bottling phase. Those two drops or however many table spoons could add another .6%
  5. I have also had the same results, after 4 weeks conditioning my CAL still has a strong cider taste and its hard to detect any beer flavor.
  6. So right now I have more HMEs then I know what to do with so I was thinking about putting two of the Patriots into one batch. Will this be a little too hoppy or do you think it would come alright. I'm fine with having strong beer, just not something undrinkable. What do you guys think?
  7. Since the only thing you have include in the beer besides the porter is brown sugar and cocoa powder you could buy 2 of those recipes and get 2 free.
  8. I am also brewing the American light. It is going on its second week of being in the bottle. I read a lot about over carbonation so I decided to use 1 1/2 drops in my beer. The bottles have been firming but they still aren't rock hard. If you want to wait another 2 weeks to bottle I'll tell you if 1 1/2 drops is enough haha
  9. If I were you I would add the rest of the sugar. Because right now you are going to have flat beer and worst case if you mess up you will still have flat beer. At least by adding the sugar you will have a chance to have carbonation.
  10. That scares me because I just bottled up my CAL and I only put 1.5 drops in.
  11. Thanks for the good info guys
  12. Hey guys for my next brew I want to make Dad's Favorite Cream Ale, which includes: Patriot Lager HME, Pale LME, and 1/2oz of honey. I have 3oz of Cascades hops and would like to ad this to the concoction. I have never added hops before so I was looking for some help. What is the difference in flavor between boiling the pellets or dry hopping them? Also how much should I add, and is it necessary to have them in a hop bag or can I throw them in naked? Thanks.
  13. My house is a little colder then the ideal temps so I have my LBK wrapped in an electric blanket and I turn it on on low for about 5 minutes before I go to bed at night.
  14. for mine it said it would make 2.5 gallons of beer. i went to the store and bought a thing of filtered water that was exactly 2.5 gallons and i did not end up using it all in my brewing process so i think they slightly over exaggerate how much beer will be made
  15. thanks for the answers. I'll let you know how it turns out
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