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  1. I have the exact capper the OP refers to. Never broke a single bottle since I got it. (I got it from Midwest, too.) Used to break bottles frequently with a wing capper.
  2. I finally broke down and bought a bench capper. The Borg is wise. Definitely the way to go.
  3. To this day I still frequently re-read the Mr Beer instructions. So no, I don't think it's weird. I'm about to do my first hop boil (ever!) and I'm a bit nervous. I'm almost to the point of writing MY OWN set of instructions, just so I have something on paper to relax me. (Theoretically, it should be fine. But what works out fine in theory can be downright embarrassing in practice...)
  4. Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for!
  5. Sounds like good advice. I'd like to rehydrate my fromunda for my next batch. Does anyone have an exact procedure to do this? (I'm the kind of guy who likes specific instructions for the first few times I do something.)
  6. Thanks for all the responses! Unfortunately, I've done it again. Bottled this morning, broke two more bottles. (But no waffling this time; just poured them straight out.) I think a part of the problem is impatience. (I have issues with that.) What I need to do when bottling gets to me is to relax, don't worry, and have a homebrew. (But that's just good advice whenever anything gets to you...)
  7. Yeah, those bench cappers look mighty sweet. But the wing capper fit my budget. You get what you pay for. (Which also explains why Bud Light is cheaper than Mr Beer...)
  8. Photon: I didn't think you were being either rude or insensitive. I appreciate a fellow beer fan looking out for my best interests. And ultimately, my health is really more important than a couple of bottles of beer. But I'm never using Anchor Steam bottles again!
  9. Yeah, I had no trouble with the Moosehead bottles last week. And the Harp bottles worked okay, too. Maybe I should just stick with bottles that come from Canada!
  10. I'm beginning to think you guys think I should dump that one! :laugh: See, that's why I come here. Always good advice. And anyway, I still have 18 bottles from that batch, so I still have beer! Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it.
  11. Actually, all the breaks happened pretty cleanly. As I was pouring through a small funnel, bits of glass would come off and stay in the funnel. So I could easily stop and take them out. But now that I'm done, I'm more worried about the carbonation level in the other four bottles. Have I made grenades? Only time will tell.
  12. So, I'm bottling this morning, as you do. Saturday's brew day around here -- gotta empty the lbk so I can put the next batch in it! This is my second week using harvested glass bottles, instead of the 1 liter PET or harvested soda bottles. And things are going swell; got 12 done in Harp bottles. Then I switched to the Anchor Steam bottles. Smooth little rounded fellas with no shoulder to speak of. First one went okay, but on the second, the cap came back off with the capper. So I looked at it to see if the cap was used or if I could try again. What I found was that the top of the bottle had come right off, inside the cap! Okay, that's not good. This ever happen to anybody else? And if so, was it in an Anchor Steam bottle? Now, my first thought was "As the Borg would say, save the beer!" So I'm right now sanitizing a 1 liter PET. I'm going to try to decant the beer into that one so it won't be wasted. I'll try not to aerate it too much, but even a little will be better than wasting beer. (I didn't use a smaller bottle because as I finished off the six of Anchor Steam bottles, I heard a distinct 'crack!' and found that another one had done similar, except it hadn't broken off. So I'm going to put the both of them in a 1 liter. And I'm going to stick a note on it, warning of potential microscopic glass particles. (But I'm hoping they'll settle out into the trub and not be an issue.)
  13. "Fee" post=260060 said:*If you're concerned that T8R will take your beer, I offer a beer protection service. Can't guarantee it back, but I guarantee to take excellent care of it while in my posession. You'll treat it like it was your own, right?
  14. I cheated -- I got my hydrometer at a pet store. Turns out they use them for aquariums, too! It has both hydrometer and thermometer in one unit, all for $3.49. (Still had to buy the sample tube at the LHBS, but I was going there anyway...)
  15. "manosteel9423" post=260029 said:Do you have a bottling wand? And if you don't have one, get one. Makes life a hell of a lot easier. (Just my opinion, of course, but I wish I'd gotten one sooner.)
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