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  1. I boiled 15 mins. 1/4 oz and at flame out the last half. I tasted the wort and tasted pretty good. I'll see how it turns out. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I'm looking for added freshness. Refills are usually good as is but hops are mainly bittering in characteristic than aroma etc. I love how Sierra Nevada hits my nose with its aroma and on first step it has its floral/sweet taste.
  3. I bought the pale ale deluxe refill with an ounce of Cascade hops. What would you recommend for the hops? I'm guessing 1/4 oz. for fifteen minutes for flavoring and dry hopping another half ounce for aroma after the vigorous stage of fermentation passes. Sound about right? I don't have calculation software so I'm guessing. I really want o stay true to style but want to add freshness. Thanks!
  4. I think Dave also means to discuss/review refills also which do not have a review option on the site. I'll be sure to review asap! Good idea!
  5. About a week ago I bottled my Winter Ale and have not cleaned the keg out yet. Do you think it'd be wise to repitch my Irish Stout on top of the yeast cake or am I risking an unsanitary batch? I have the yeast packets and everything, but I was trying to save some time and hassle and have plenty of yeast to ferment it. Thanks.
  6. Everyone is different but I have just tried the Chocolate Porter recipe. However, the chocolate is faint (in a good way) but the base HME was surprisingly great-the American Porter. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but definitely has been a pleasant surprise for me and would recommend the American Porter over and over again. Just have made a new purchase: Winter Dark Ale, St. Patrick's Stout and Pilsner-All deluxe versions.
  7. Just had my first chocolate porter last night. I crash cooled it so to speak so there were some chocolate floaty things in it still but it was amazing. The next ones I'll be sure to keep in the fridge for several days to clear it up better. Definitely has a roasty taste to it and a hint of chocolate so I'm overall very happy and is probably one of the best beers I've made.
  8. Just poured the first Vienna Lager I had. It's been in the bottle for four weeks. Just to be honest, it's not very good. Granted I just did the basic booster recipe and everything but it has pretty much no flavor. Is it just me or what? I hope these new recipes are worth it otherwise not sure what I'm going to do.
  9. "KZ" post=287110 said:You could do something like this, but personally, I would just do the porter with the robust LME. I haven't made it, but I would imagine it would be pretty decent and would give you a baseline. I made an American porter with the old creamy brown UME and the aroma and hydro sample were encouraging (I made it as a barrel aged lager and it'll be a few more weeks before I take a taste test). I've seen that recipe but it doesn't include the Robust UME which I'd like to include. Do you think it'be ok to follow that recipe and throw in the UME?
  10. I have the American Porter with the Robust UME. I'm looking for some advice on how to make this better. First of all, is it good on its own? I've heard conflicting stories so I was thinking about adding chocolate and/or dark brown sugar. I have qbrew but chocolate doesn't show up. I would like the chocolate taste in the beer but I'm unsure if the beer will end up being too sweet for the style. Any advice on how to make this good would be appreciated.
  11. Good advice, I was thinking about adding some orange zest but maybe in a future batch I will. I went all booster, the Golden UME, and the can of WW. It should be good!
  12. Yeah I'm going to put all of the three in the mix.
  13. I have a can of WWWB, a pouch of booster and the new golden hme. I plan using a combination of these three and those three only. Should I just pour all three together or should I use less booster or what?
  14. Just bought some goodies from the site! I've been continuously updating the site and just an hour ago or so all the deluxes had been released and the new UMEs! I bought the deluxe American Porter which I'm looking forward to try and I bought 8 more bottles and the golden UME for the Whispering Wheat that I still have but want to go all malt and booster with. With the WWWB, would anyone recommend the HME, the whole UME and the whole bag of booster? Thanks.
  15. I just got back as mentioned to pick up a pound of Briess DME Light Golden and an ounce of cascades whole hops. After the other customer left he asked how he could help me and I mentioned that I had a Mr. Beer kit and was looking to improve a recipe with some more malt and fresh hops. He was pretty cool with it and was trying to explain how all-grain was the way to go and that the Mr. Beer recipes were "crappy" and you won't get anything good after some malt syrup has been sitting in can on a shelf for several months. I told him perhaps that "as is" they could be improved but I was trying my hand at improving my HCCD. So here's my final recipe using qbrew. I used "Blonde Ale" as the reference style. I have one can of HCCD 1.25 cups of Booster 1 pound of DME 20 minute boil of a quarter of an ounce of the Cascade hops 5 minute boil of a quarter of an ounce for flavoring. He was suggesting that I do twenty minutes half an ounce and the last ten minutes add the last half for flavoring but I didn the calculation and it was going to be a bit more bitter than the style had called for. What do you think?
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