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  1. Has anyone tried this method on large chain beer bottles like budweiser that use the plastic labels?
  2. My wife finally talked me into making her a "Hard Passion Punch". I didn't use the 2.5lb of sugar though. Went with 2 lbs instead. Well see how it turns out in 4 wks. :chug:
  3. Ok....no can accuse me of being a good baker, but this was easy and not bad at all. Turned out like a "sour dough beer bread". [attachment=8236]0614122041.jpg[/attachment] Fresh out of the oven...just add butter.
  4. Yeah I was having a brain fade moment, lol... Just placing the dough in the oven, I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again..
  5. Well after just over two weeks of conditioning, the verdict is in. It turned out great. Very smooth, with just the right amount of apricot flavor in the background. I'll make this again.
  6. Thanks bp, that's exactly what I was looking for....well actually the link within that link. Thank you!
  7. I remember finding a thread about making bread from the stuff at the bottom of the keg. Does anyone have that link or where to find it? Thanks...I really want to try it. :chug:
  8. Yes, but I added it to the secondary. With everything that has been posted, it seemed better than adding it to the primary for a better flavor. Initial taste test is really good. I'll find after a couple weeks of conditioning. :gulp:
  9. Welcome aboard...Trollby and swenocha covered it pretty good.
  10. Let me know how this looks. 6 lbs Wheat DME 1oz Mt Hood Hops (Bittering) .5oz Mt Hood Hops (Aroma) Hafeweizen Ale Yeast (White Labs WLP300) 3 lb can of Apricot Puree (added day 10 of fermentation) At week 2 it went to a secondary (carboy), and 2 weeks later(today) went to bottle. Primed, capped and thought about letting them sit for another 2 weeks before drinking. Initial taste test was pretty smooth with a lite apricot flavor. I'll let you know of the final result. AVP turned out to be 4.6 :gulp:
  11. chronichaos, take a look at this link. I haven't used it yet myself, but at .80 to $1.35 per oz, that a good price. Just not sure what they charge for shipping. http://www.atonofhops.com/
  12. How true that is, patience it best. The first bottle that I opened from my first brew had only conditioned for about 6 days (I lost patience). I waited another week before the next bottle was opened, and even another week for the next. It was an easy way, yet hard to do, to learn that longer is better(at least for that batch). My second brew just went to the bottle and I'm doing a 3-2-2.
  13. What I like about brewing my own beer is being able to experiment...being able to use a different hops or even a different yeast can change the whole flavor. Find something that you like, and write it down. If it didn't work out, you can tweek the recipe. Everyone here will help with advice based on the mistakes they made so us rookies can learn thru them. :chug:
  14. Joechianti, I love that last post, lol :laugh:
  15. Some where I read that 1 lb of DME equals one bag of booster, maybe some one here with more experience can verify that.
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