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  1. Ill try the zest but I don't want to overpower the wheat beer. Thanks a lot and cheers!
  2. It was a mess to clean up but what the heck it new to me. It bottled the beer in 22oz bottles and drank it 2 weeks later. They all seemed to like it but was to sweet for me. Next time no extra sugar! Thanks for all the replies. And yes thelid did pop off.
  3. How long would you boil the lemon peel before taking it out? Any suggest?
  4. :whistle: ok. The cider Sukd unless I mixed with oj and sprite. I made a chek pilsner and during the boil 2 weeks ago I added a cup of white sugar and a cup of brown sugar. 5 days later the keg popped. Now its been 2 weeks and still cloudy. Can I bottle? I tried it and its flat but not clear but strong. Any help is great.
  5. Thank you all for the advise. I'm moving ti Idaho in 2 weeks so I will try what I learner when I get there. I like the rasp lemonade and will use lactose and ale yeast with more sugar when I get there. I will keep u all posted. Just trying to make mikes hard lemonade. But better. Also will let ferment longer than 2 weeks.
  6. :cheer: ok. Haha! Was supposed. To say want. Ill try the warmer temp next time Cu's I did it at around 66 degrees. The beers I brew work great at that temp. Can I let it sit on the counter and ferment?
  7. :sick: ok I'm new to the cider thing so be nice to me all. I used 5 cans pink lemonade concentrate and 2 lbs frozen raspberries and 2 cups white sugar. Boiled 5 min and used champagne yeast after 2 weeks in the fermented keg. Clear and tart and not sweet at all. I wanted to try n have a Mike hard lemonade but failed. What did I do wrong? Be critical. I Wang the next batch to be sweeter and taste better. It did taste gud with oj tho.
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