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  1. I've used domino dots and they work great! Plus they are cheep!
  2. Your glass bottles need to be pry-off, twist-off just don't work well (the glass is thinner for one and may result in bottles cracking, etc.). So, definitely use pry-off glass bottles, if you are going the glass bottle route. As for plastic, what you have works fine.
  3. +1 to sugar cubes. I find Domino Dots do fine and they are 1/2 tsp. per cube.
  4. For future reference, I find the carbonation drops or just Domino Dot sugar cubes very usefull! But for the present problem, good luck!
  5. Most of my bottles are SA and I haven't had a problem in the six months I've been brewing.
  6. "vmaxept" post=278466 said:I liked this one as is. I have added choc. I used 2 to 3 oz at flame out. I made a Stout with the Baker choc blocks. 3 oz was quite strong bitter, took 2 months to age. Not so sure about the brown sugar. It just increases the ABV with no flavor. Maybe 1/2 cup ? Might add a small cup of expresso at flame, out like 8 oz. Add vanilla at bottling- batch prime with an oz of pure vanilla. It will be a good beer. Next porter I make will be all extract with steep grains. Thanks vmaxept! I think I'll follow through and make it as is, since you like it. I like having an idea of the original before changing anything. Just needed to know that someone out there likes it!
  7. Hi All, I'm a new brewer working through the original brews before moving on the recipes. I've brewed my seventh brew and now have two empty LBKs. One of my next in line is the Black Tower Porter and although I want to do all the styles straight up before playing with recipes, I've even seen Diane from Mr. Beer say that this one is kind of Blah! So, I was thinking of changing just this one without ever making the original. I am thinking of adding 1 cup of Dark Brown Sugar and 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa to make a chocolate porter. Are there any other suggestions out there that are tried and known to be good for this one? I'll brew on Saturday. As always, thanks for all the help! :stout:
  8. Papazian's book The Complete Joy of Homebrewing has a recipe similar to this. I'm at work, so I don't have it with me, but this is from memory: 4 gallon batch 1 can of Nut Brown Ale kit (4 lbs) 1 1/2 lbs Light dry malt extract If I'm right, your two cans should do about the same as Papazian's recipe, just with liquid malt extract. So, IMHO, I would go for 4-5 gallons and enjoy the outcome! Hope that helps!
  9. D Rabbit, nice brewstand! That's what this thread is about! :cheers:
  10. Welcome! I'm only on my 4th and 5th batches, but my first was done hot (~80F) and it was not good. Too estery (fruity)! The good people here were and always are a great help! Enjoy the new adventure! :chug:
  11. BeerRx just left a link to the website letspour and I noticed beers there made by Harvest Brewery. It says it is the first brewery dedicated to gluten free brewing in America. BeerRx's topic is, TOPIC: Online Craft Beer and Wine deals Might be worth looking into!
  12. "Knightmare" post=272911 said:Joe, quit screwing around and get the testing done! Then we can deal with the results. If its positive, I'm sure you will become the best gluton free brewer west of the Mississippi! If not you'll get to the bottom of this faster and back to mad scientist brewing. And im sure we could find a way to get your money back out the brew ingredients youre hoarding. Hang in there brother and give that poopy sample! Hey Joe! I just joined this group about two months ago and have been really enjoying your posts! I like everyone else here wants you to feel your best! I agree with Knightmare! Please listen to the doctors and get the tests. Once you know the problem, we will all help you work on it. Also, if you find out that you can't use the HMEs and other stuff you have, I'm sure we would all be willing to buy them from you to help you get your money back. Then you can invest in gluten free supplies, if needed. Please do the test, so we can help!
  13. "packerduf" post=272657 said: "Brousenhaus" post=272621 said:You may also want to look at the partypig for "kegging". I've never used one, but it seems like a cool system..... My son uses a Party Pig, and he loves it. Easy to clean and sanitize, nice pour, etc,. ...My only reservation is that it is wasteful.... I'm curios, Brousenhaus. How is it wasteful?I was referring to the pressure bag that you have to throw away each time. Compared to kegging with a CO2 tank for pressure, where nothing is thrown. That said, I will probably buy one for kegging in the future, since the size, etc. goes well with the Mr. Beer batch size.
  14. "Teambanzai" post=272807 said:After this batch I think I will be switching to 12 oz and 16oz bottles - any suggestion on priming amounts for those two bottles? You may want to look into Cooper's carbonation drops. They are basically premeasured sugar drops. You just add one for 12 or 16 oz. bottles and 2 for 1 liter. I've only used them in 12 oz. so far, but they have given excellent results. There are similar products out there by other companies also. I've also heard of using Domino Dots sugar cubes, but haven't tried that.
  15. "MTimonin" post=272425 said:Clearly, I have mis-understood something. I'd like to be able to dispense with the whole measuring tiny amounts of sugar into each bottle, so I'm looking for some other way of carbonating the beer - a carbonation vessel which is not the bottles. I should expand a little, perhaps. I have two more kits, and have every intention of making both of them. Emptying bottles in time to fill bottles again - not a problem. In fact, the opposite is true - I can't brew fast enough to keep beer in the fridge. I have no problem brewing either or both of the kits I have in the same way I've done the previous three - the first two turned out great (obviously, I haven't tasted batch 3 yet). I'm just wondering what the next step is, how do I step up my game, as it were. You may also want to look at the partypig for "kegging". I've never used one, but it seems like a cool system. http://www.partypig.com/ My only reservation is that it is wasteful and I'm sure you will want to move up to other kegging systems. But, it is simple and you can avoid adding sugar to individual bottles!
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