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  1. Thanks for all the quick replies, this seems like a really good community.

    I can definitely appreciate using the first brew to learn the process as Dave suggested. I was thinking though that it could still be possible to have a simple brew to learn the ropes, while also getting a little better return than the stock WCPA.

    In my mind I was hoping to find something like what docpd suggested - some simple modifications to get an upgraded WCPA without overly complicating the learning process for a newbie.

    If I ordered say, the ADIPA, is that process just the same as the WCPA? Maybe I could start with that to get a better beer, than save the WCPA for some future concoction (maybe like reduno suggested)?

  2. Hi all, I'm getting ready to start my first brew with the standard, included West Coast Pale Ale. While I'm sure the WCPA would be drinkable with no modifications, does anyone have any suggestions based on experience how I can make this more than just a "get your feet wet" homebrew. As noted this is my first brew so I'm not looking for anything crazy. I am hop head so could I just add some additional hop pellets during the initial boil to try to make this taste a bit more like a traditional IPA? If so any recommendations on hops and time? Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks, looking forward to getting started!

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