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  1. I have made a few batches of beer now and all have been very basic and come out good but I was talking to a bartender at work and we thought of making a Cantaloupe IPA. The flavors of it seemed like it would make a great mix. Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how to begin this process? Of course I will keep you all posted on how this turns out (hopefully with a recipe posted at the end.)
  2. This may seem like a basic question but it is going to be my first time adding hopps to my brew. When you add the hops should you put them in the water and boil and allow them to boil for awhile or is it better to add the HME at flameout and then add the hops directly to the wort?
  3. "bpgreen" post=262515 said: Note that the first shot out of the spigot can be cloudy due to trub that settles near the spigot. I prop the front of the fermenter up and still sometimes get some trub in that first shot. Clear the spigot first, then take a shot and see if it it looks any better. It slipped my mind that the trub would be there too. I just put a small book under the front of the LBK. I'll give it some time before I take another shot from it.
  4. Thank you so for your help. I tested the beer the other day and it seemed a little off and then today when I tested it the beer was still very cloudy but seems to taste alot more like flat beer than before. I will give it another few days and try again before I proceed with the bottles.
  5. It has been about 16 days now since I started to ferment my beer and it still comes out very cloudy when I test to see if it is ready to bottle. It is the American Devil IPA. I was very careful to keep it out of sunlight and at the correct tempature, However there was one day that it became colder than it should have been. Is my beer going to be ok and how can I fix this. Thank you for your help!
  6. Thank you for your help. I did use the yeast that came with the HME. I am new to home brewing and just want to make sure I get the most flavor out of my beer. I am learning alot from the MR.B forum.
  7. I am just getting started brewing my own beer and am excited to learn more about the craft. I was wondering what the difference is in flavor bewteen warm and cold conditioning? I just started fermentation of the American Devil IPA and don't know which would be the best option. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you.
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