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  1. So I have been reading about batch priming and it sounds like it would be worth a try (cause I hate measuring the sugar into the bottles). I have been reading lots of posts about it and how much/what kind of sugar etc. My only remaining question is, How long does it sit in the priming container? if I understand correctly gently move the beer to the priming container mixing the water/sugar primer and then bottle immediately? is that correct?
  2. So I have had a Classic American Lager batch fermenting for 1 week and I am going to add Strawberries to it. My question is, do I just pour in my puree of fruit or do I need to stir it in? Do I stir gently or do I stir vigorously to get more (new) air into the mix? Thanks.
  3. After soaking and peeling labels the best you can. I use Goo-Gone to remove any remaining label and/or glue. It is sold a lot of places but for sure in Home Depot and similar in the cleaning supply sections. I find this works really well and makes it very easy. Afterwards I rinse them best I can and then run them through the dishwasher with no detergent or rinse agent. This has worked on lots of bottles, including the pretty blue Bed Light Platinum which looked good with my Blueberry brew inside.
  4. My daughter has a small 'Magic-Bullet' style blender. I have used it on both fruit batches I have made to puree the fruit. I hadn't thought of using it on the booster but might give it a try. The blending container only holds about 3 cups though. The part I like is that all the components fit through the lid of the fermenting tank so I just drop it in with the measuring cup and spoon, etc. for sanitizing and let it all soak together.
  5. Thanks. I knew the Patriot lager was new, just didn't know it was that new.
  6. I am a pretty big fan of Yuengling. Has anyone tried the Patriot American Lager refill and would you describe is at similar to a regular Yuengling? Second, I recently finished off a batch of the Mountain Raspberry refill (loved it). Anyone have thoughts about adding a can of Raspberries to the Patriot American Lager and how that might turn out? And would I need to add honey? (I guess that's three questions)
  7. The Raspberry I think I fermented for 9 or 10 days. Bottled in 12 oz glass bottles and drank the first couple after 1 week. no bottle bombs and I have to say it was fantastic. Very crisp and light fruit aroma and flavor. A week or so later I happen to see Abita's Purple Haze on tap at a pizza joint I was in and I have to say it was remarkably similar to what I made. Thanks to everyone for the advice, I will bottle the blueberry carefully and store them in a container just in case.
  8. Love the Mr Beer Raspberry I made. It uses the Canadian High country ale, a can of Raspberries and half a cup of honey. Instructions said ferment for at least 1 week. Started a batch of Blueberry last week. Same High country ale but uses a can of Blueberries and a whole cup of honey and says to ferment for a minimum of 2 weeks. It's not really a big deal but I am wondering why the blueberry takes an extra week?
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