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  1. 3 weeks and still bubbling. Will update when I Bottle :cheers:
  2. So I wanted to make a fall cider with my Mr.beer LBK. I took two recipes from my Mr.Beer book and made my own. Two gallons fresh cider , one tsp pectin enzyme(makes fruit juices end clear) two cups brown sugar, and one tsp pumpkin spice. Almost forgot also one oz of Liberty hopps with a ten minute boil. I put the hopps in to balance the apple and brown sugar. Nottinghan yeast for an ale style beverage/not a wine fan. Is bubbling away and looks good. Just a note I recently went to a class on cider and learned to get clear cider use 1/2 tsp of pectin enzyme per gallon to get it clear AND stir daily also to clear and release co2. I will update you all on abv and the progress. Starting OG was 1.054 and expect Fg of 1.02....all sugars. Smelled great with the boil, Like spiced hot cider!!!!!
  3. Well cracked one open tonight. A little early and under carbed but tastes alot like Killians not bad....will wait another week and try one more. :chug:
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of a beer your almost ashamed to tell your friends you like. :gofish:
  5. Try just turning the spigot, I had the same problem on my first batch and was able to stop a slow leak by turning the spigot(the nut stayed put). When i bottled I just turned it back and didn't worry about the slow drip....Good luck "jrflowers2" post=270172 said:so i just did a batch and noticed my spigot had a slow leak,guess i forgot to tighten it down before putting the wort in and pitching the yeast.any ideas on how to tighten? can i sanitize a ziplock bag and use like a glove or should i transfer,tighten,re-sanitize and transfer back?
  6. So... here it is, We all have or little secret beer we love. Here is mineWhat is you'rs?
  7. :cheers: My beer is all gone!!!! It came out great. Very very good.I will make this again!!!! "teutonic terror" post=267286 said:As far as my taste goes, this beer is ready! :woohoo: :woohoo: It's only been in the bottle for 13 days. I put one in the fridge yesterday and tested it this morning when I got up,(I'm a third shifter so my schedule is totally opposite of everyone else!). It had a good head, was very smooth and as jhnh1010 said, had a light fruity flavor. After that one I put two more in the freezer! Needless to say, there are only 21 left out of 24! Just put 12 in the fridge to let the hops bits start settling out. As far as I'm concerned, this is the second best beer I've brewed. Pilothouse Pilsner is the best, so far! Foothiller, I'm with you on the dry hopping commando. I haven't seen much about the hops particles being a problem at bottling, but I got a load of it in my bottles. It's a minor annoyance and as far as I'm concerned only cosmetic, but I think from now on I'm gonna use a bag! In fact, it caused me to dry hop my Nelson Sauvin Amber in a hop sack and that came out very clear! Enjoy guys! :cheers:
  8. No there was enough beer in the tube to float the hydrometer.It is now bottled. I will try different yeast in the next batch and see how it turns out. Thanks to everybody for the advise . I will not post again on this topic until I tastes the final product (Mmmmm BEER!) "jaydubwill" post=269677 said: "TNT" post=269615 said: "jhnh1010" post=269569 said:I could not get mine to move at all still stuck at .020 I just don't understand why it stopped. Tasted my hydrometer sample and it tasted ok. I'm still very much a noob, so please don't take offense to my stupid question... take it with a grain of salt: Is it possible that the hydrometer was sitting on the bottom of the test tube and not completely floating? I only ask because I caught myself in that situation once. The hydrometer would spin freely, but it was just slightly touching bottom. I was a bit too worried about overflowing the test tube. Therefore, the reading would not change even after a couple days of testing. When I finally got a clue and noticed that it wasn't completely bouyant, it was a "lesson learned moment" for me. The beer was ready, I just didn't have enough sample volume for an accurate FG reading. I'm more conscious of it now. :blush: That could be a problem. I usually tap mine on the top to make sure I've got 1/4 ~ 1/2 inch or so of 'bob' to the hydrometer. Too much trub in the sample can also throw it off, as well as residual carbonation if bubbles are sticking on the bottom pushing it up. I'll let the sample sit for a few minutes then give it a spin to knock off any bubbles before taking a reading.
  9. I just bottled mine tonight 6/19 I could not get mine to move at all still stuck at .020 I just don't understand why it stopped . I did a starter with Nottingham and nothing more happened . Tasted my hydrometer sample and it tasted ok. But I was shooting for 5% not 4% "bpgreen" post=269209 said: "jaydubwill" post=269196 said:First I wanted to apologize to jhnh1010 for hijacking his thread. Hopefully our similar issue can help other brewers with this problem. I'm curious if you've taken another hydro sample? As far as my High Country Canadian Draft IPA the yeast energizer concoction (cooked bread yeast + yeast nutrient) added with a gentle swirl of a big spoon in the LBK to get the yeast back into suspension worked like a charm. a week later (week 3 in the LBK) my gravity dropped 6 points to 1.014. I called er'dun and bottled. Excellent. With an OG of 1.052, 1.014 is pretty acceptable.
  10. I am wondering if it a problem with the Mr.Beer Ale yeast. The next batch I do will be with a store bought ale yeast and a similar recipe . I will post an update after bottling the current batch.
  11. Mr.Beer Yeast.....the added the Nottingham Thanks for the advise . :woohoo:
  12. Will be at least another week before bottling.
  13. Here we go. 2lbs of Briess Amber LME + 1 can High Country Canadian Sg 1.052 1 week in lbk stuck at 1.020 for 3 days So... went to local home brew store ,takled to the owner. We think that it got to cold ...below 65F and the yeast went dormant. Advice:stir gently and put in a warmer room, and bought a package of nottingham yeast to add as a backup. So I went home and moved it to a warmer room gave it a stir and still no action. Next day activated Nottingham yeast and put it in. Bubbled like crazy for about a 1/2 hr then nothing. Still at 1.020 why would it stop and hold here? Qbrew gives a fnal graviity around 1.13 HELP PLEASE
  14. just popped one open...lots of little bubbles . Very very tasty! A very full body and a slight fruity flavor. I love wheat beer and this is a very good one. I will have to try to make a Blue Moon clone, just got the recipe today. That will be next. I have a High Country Canadian/Red Malt mix in the keg now, will have have to see how this one turns out. I used 2lbs of Briess amber liquid malt whith the HME. :woohoo:
  15. Take a look. Q brew said 19 Ibu 11 8 SRM and %5 ABV I wanted something a little different . :banana: [attachment=8112]Mr.BeerRed1.pdf[/attachment]
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