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  1. Agree. WWW starts slow a lot of the time.
  2. RDWHAHB. Usually my PET caps are so tight I have to put a cloth over them and lossen with a pair of pliers I kee o in the bar drawer for that exact purpose. When I bottle, I go around and tighten each cap, then I invert slowly (not shake like one nOOb said) a couple of times to thoroughly wet the sugar and then I retighten all caps as I'm putting them in the conditioning box.
  3. It's a choice that a brewer has to make. Spice sacks can be left in the entire time. Hops sacks can be as well. I prefer to add mine one week before bottling to dry hop but if you made your wort and put it all in the LBK, let it ride.
  4. I always caveat the "3-4" rule with....unless you have a hydro and can take gravity readings and you know that your fermentation is over.
  5. Uh Oh. This is not a problem that time will heal. See thread: http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/8-new-brewers-and-faqs/302950-chlorophenol-question
  6. I had a WYeast from MrBeer arrive on a hot summer August day and sit out for most of the day. When I used it, it never did swell and it was pretty stinky. After almost 72 hours and not trub, I pitched some dry yeast I had stashed and she took off. Have not used WYeast since not because I don't like it but I don't buy it unless I get it direct from LHBS and bring straight home. Comfortable for now rehydrating dry yeasts.
  7. 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks carb, 3 hours in the freezer. FYI - Since you're a new brewer, I'd have to assume you do not have a hydrometer. In that case, three weeks in primary, four weeks carbing (room temp, not in fridge) and then chill for 2-3 days prioer to drinking. Your method above absolutely won't get you the BEST beer you can make and that's what most of us strive for.
  8. Sometimes I check out the expensive recipes and if I order them, I break them up into 2 or 3 batches, depending on how many HME's are included. I did that with the old (before it was done with the new Coopers/MrB HME's) Munich Malt Monster.
  9. "Foothiller" post=389572 said:I found an iPhone app recently called BeerJudge that is pretty good at estimating SRM. One feature shows the gradation from light to dark, and you can move your finger along it to change the color of a bar at the top and match the SRM by comparing the bar to your beer. It can also use the camera to measure the SRM, but that is sensitive to the light source and varies at different parts of the glass of beer. I'd be delighted to hear of a way to estimate the actual IBU without sending the beer to a lab, since I'm not lucky enough like Joe to have the grandson meter. Are you guys submitting for judging? I brew my beer to drink it. I don't submit for judging therefore I don't give a rip about ABV or SRM. I do keep an eye on the IBU when I'm crafting a recipe Mod in QBrew but the color and ABV.....never cared, never will. Now....that is just me and my opinion. As Mashani said once.......Wings has truly embraced the concept of RBWHAHB !!
  10. "LorraineMontana" post=389566 said: "Wings_Fan_In_KC" post=389472 said: "Brewbirds" post=389394 said:I nominate LorraineMontana for BorgMOM. :whistle: Check back in after 6 months. LOL ____ I will, if they allow me to use the internet from the Betty Ford Clinic! :cheers: Ahhh! Here's the beauty of being a homebrewer. Alcoholics CAN'T wait 7 weeks for a beer! LOL
  11. I just spray down the outside of it with sanitzer after I run a bunch of santizer through the cane and autosiphon.
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