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  1. Update and question. Tapped a saucer of beer , it is definitely beer , even though there was really no foam on top of fermenter . Tasted like flat beer , although a little bitter to me . The beer is about 9 days in the fermenter . I plan to bottle it Saturday . I was able to keep the cooler between 68 and 71 with 1 glass filled with ice . My question . When I bottle the beer , it needs to condition for a couple weeks . Does this conditioning need to be 68 -74 or is room temp (ie 78) ok ?
  2. Thanks for the replies , we will probably cook the strawberries a little or use some peaches we have canned . Can I ask , what is the purpose of adding the fruit to the cider after a week in the fermenter , as apposed to adding it in the beginning ?
  3. My first batch of WCPA is 1 week in the keg , so I am looking forward to making a batch of hard cider next . If we pick fresh strawberries , what amount would be appropriate to add to the mix . Also I have honeybees so I could add honey if appropriate . I figure to add an amount of strawberries equal to the cans of fruit they sell , but those cans also have syrup , so I wasn't sure . This needs to be good , it will keep the wife on board with my new obsession !
  4. Thanks for the welcomes , cool forum. My ice bag next to the keg is working temporarilly . It is down to 73 . I will move to cooler tommorrow when bottles are frozen .
  5. Do freezers and refrigerators generally go up to 65 degrees ? I have a fridge in the shed , I turned it all the way up and it went down to about 48
  6. Thanks y'all . I have a cooler , I drank two beers and filled them with water . I am waiting for them to freeze . I'll need to drink two more to have spares for when they thaw . Unless I need more than two in the cooler . Maybe I need to get a case and take a day off lol . Right now , I took a bag of ice and set it in the pantry . Its a tiny pantry , maybe 2 x 6 . I was doing beekeeping for a while , but my wife got allergy , so had to give it up . i think this is going to be a great new hobby . I want to go simple for a while , then work my way up to better beers . I spent two years in Germany about 30 years ago, so I am very excited about reawakening my tastebuds .
  7. This is a very responsive forum . You have reassured a nervous first timer !!! The cooler with water bottles is a great Idea . I will build upon that with what I have on hand . My plan is to drink this and hopefully a batch of peach hard cider on the fourth of July . I figure I will have alot of willing tasters then . LOL
  8. Actually , one more question . Thanks so much for the quick response . What do people generally do to keep it that cool . My home is 78 and I have it in a pantry that probably stays about 76 .
  9. Like the post says , this is my first brew . My son bought me this kit and I am on my way . The thing is , I followed the instructions exactly , but I have been reading that you should use chilled water . I used water straight from the " filtered " tap . The keg did not feel warm when I added yeast , but not cool either . After two days , I see a few small spots of bubbles on top . I really don't know what to expect , so is that normal or did I over heat the yeast ? It was a West Coast Pale Ale , by the way . No extras , as this is my first batch .
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