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  1. My first brew did not have much krausen ever, but it did develop a good layer of trub. I fermented in the LBK for two weeks and then carbed/conditioned in the 1-Liter plastic bottles from MB for four weeks. The batch came out great! Since then, I have taken to using three packs of fromunda and rehydrating the yeast. That has produced a more fervent fermentation on the subsequent batches, but they were different recipes, so I can't really say that was the only reason for more krausen. I've also used Wyeast smack-packs on a couple of batches. You let those babies swell up and you get almost instant action when you pitch the yeast. Best of luck to your brew...
  2. Hey- your wife has a sense of humor about your obsession.... that's more than half the battle!
  3. Good point. Maybe since they spend all their lives upside down, the blood rushing to their heads might cloud their thinking. :chug:
  4. Welcome aboard and congratulations on your first brew! And, congratulations on holding your ground on pouring more. Gotta defend that pipeline!
  5. I actually managed to get Tula to pose for the label picture...
  6. I bottled Tula's Angry Ass Ale today. The hydrometer tube still tastes great!. OG = 1.043 FG = 1.007 ABV = 4.7%
  7. I served my first brew this evening, Cowboy Golden Lager. It was great! Very good carb and head, great color and very smooth taste. [attachment=8193]FirstBrew.JPG[/attachment]
  8. +1 to FedoraDave. This is a great bunch of guys and gals. Everyone's been helpful and unbelievably fast in replying to questions. Just proves my theory: beer folks are better than everybody else.
  9. +1 to smgarrett. Use 2 -3 packs of the MB yeast (fromunda). You'll see a lot more fermentation activity.
  10. Yes, thanks. I was operating on the theory that a little sip would be much less "hydrometer tax" on my final product. I knew it wasn't really ready, curiosity just got the best of me! I'll post OG/FG readings when I bottle it next week.
  11. It's been almost two weeks in the LBK for a batch I call "Tula's Angry Ass Ale", which is a variation on the MB recipe "Horse's Ass Ale". I substituted a chopped, fresh green chile pepper in place of the grated fresh ginger in the recipe. (It's a southwestern thang). Anyway, first taste is great! Still just a hint of sweet, so I'm waiting another week to bottle. Great flavor though, and I think I got just the right amount of flavor and bite out of that pepper. :banana:
  12. This is the procedure I used: Re-hydrating Dry Yeast 1. Put 1 cup of warm (95-105F, 35-40C) boiled water into a sanitized jar and stir in the yeast. Cover with Saran Wrap and wait 15 minutes. 2. "Proof" the yeast by adding one teaspoon of extract that has been boiled in a small amount of water. Allow the sugar solution to cool before adding it to the jar. 3. Cover and place in a warm area out of direct sunlight. 4. After 30 minutes or so the yeast should be visibly churning and/or foaming, and is ready to pitch.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I rehydrated the fromunda on my last three brews and used three packs- substantially more krauzen.
  14. I'm getting ready to brew my third batch- Golden Harp Ale. I've seen quite a few folks recommending rehydrating and proofing dry yeast prior to pitching. I've also seen a lot of folks recommending three packets per brew as opposed to the standard MB recipe of one. You guys agree with rehydrating and using three packs?
  15. Thanks for the quick replies! The Mr. Beer method is new to me. My daughter gave me a kit for Christmas (bless her). I brewed beer about 30 years ago using a two-stage process...about 10 days in a primary fermenter covered with a cheesecloth, 2 - 3 weeks in a secondary, air-locked vessel and then at least a month conditioning in the bottles. It was great stuff! Never had a failed batch. I'm really excited to get back into the homebrew way of life. :banana:
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