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  1. IF I want a little bit of flavor, five minute boil?
  2. Can anyone give me some info on how to use honey, how much, and when to add it. And, do I still use the booster? I will be using it will the Classic American Blonde Ale Thanks :stout:
  3. I stopped by there a couple weeks ago. Bought some bottles, caps, and a capper. Was a really cool place.. can't wait to go back!!
  4. I'm thinking about brewing some octoberfest so it will be ready by October. I see where Samuel Adams has it on the shelves as a seasonal beer. Has anyone tried it? If so, how did it compare to Mr beers?
  5. Do smaller bottles Carb and condition faster?
  6. Good luck bro. I have my firt batch of WCPA going as well. People here have been very helpful to all my questions. :chug:
  7. How long did you leave it in the lbk, and how long after that?
  8. Looks like I need to make a trip to Nola.. lol. Dave, to be honest I thought you just added the pellets into the lbk after everything else was added.. looks like I need to do my homework.. ha
  9. No LHBS around .. I've Google's like crazy.. found one and it was closed down, so I will need to order from somewhere.
  10. I currently have my first batch ever West Coast Pale Ale fermenting. I have ordered the High Country Canadian Draft. I'm thinking about taking the next step and adding hops. I am looking into something simple like the pellets from Mr Beer. Any suggestions?
  11. I'm started to get a few bubbles on top.. not much settlement yet. It looks like its trying to kick in.
  12. Last night I brewed the west coast pale ale. Its almost been 24 hrs. Should I see bubbles or foam? The reason I ask is because my yeast was a few yes old, but I wanted to try anyway
  13. I have a can of west coast pale ale and wondering if there is a way to make a mint chocolate flavored beer?
  14. I have a pack of yeast in a can of west coast pale ale. It has this stamped on the package.. Y34308 what is the date?
  15. Seems like I read somewhere that somebody said that homebrew beer gives a different buzz. Is this true? :stout:
  16. I have been reading for about the last month, trying to get a litte bit of knowledge before I brewed my first batch. I been watching this on ebay and ended up winning it last night. Mr Beer has this at 49.99 on their site, I will have a total of 29.00 after shipping.. I did pretty good! So needless to say I am now super excited that I have my first kit on the way and will be brewing my first batch of beer very soon.. Woohoo!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/330739979528?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  17. If I used two cans of this, and no booster. Would my ABV double from 2.3 to 4.6? Or would the taste be richer?
  18. I thought you had to use booster until I read this.. Can someone explain the difference with and without booster. This recipe makes a very good tasting, easy drinking beer! I hadn't brewed with booster in a while, now I remember why. If I were to do this batch again I would do two things differently, first I would use a second can of Whispering Wheat and lose the booster. The second is I would have cold crashed the keg before bottling. The booster just makes it a little too watery for my taste. I'd like a little more mouth feel and a bit more hops as well. That said I'm very happy with this beer and would be proud to share it with friends and family.
  19. I looked through the Mr Beer recipes and did not see anything that was strawberry. My wife said she tasted a strawberry type beer once and loved it. Is there anyway to buy a standard kit and then add something to give it the strawberry flavors needed? (I prefer malty if possible)
  20. What do you mean by biol brewing?
  21. ''> ' target="_blank" title=" ">Looks like a pretty good idea.. Will it really work?
  22. I have thought about using a siphone too.. Hell, as much gas I used to siphone from cars to mow the grass as a kid, I think I could do it pretty easy! :laugh:
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