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  1. After a long long hiatus from brewing, I am finally getting back into it. Currently starting my 4 tap keezer build from a recent black friday chest freezer purchase. Bottling just wasn't my thing, kegs will be an investment but will be a much more enjoyable way to brew. I am really glad to see your follow through on this awesome beer idea. I read through your previous thread and this one sounds even better. PS I still have your beers from the meet up and plan to finally drink them this coming week. I'll send you any tasting notes I may have. :cheers:
  2. Looks great! Also to add in on the 50/50 ratio, I think the beer itself tastes like its more of that balance between the two. I think partial mash definitely sounds like the way to make life easier. Subscribed and definitely looking forward to hearing updates! :chug:
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys! My gmail decided to send all of my mr beer forum subscription emails to my spam folder suddenly starting july 1st after month of it not being spam? Beats me. Tuesday at 6:30 sounds great at Hal and Als. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to find out if homebrews were allowed or not. My plan is to bring my beers along and then play it by ear. I wish I had bottled into 12oz bottles instead of the MrB 1 liter bottles. It would make life much easier!
  4. Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posting on here. Got my work schedule and it's looking like the only evenings that are going to work out for me will be Sunday the 8th or tuesday the 10th. I'll be heading out of town on friday the 13th and I'll be unavailable the other days. Let me know what works best for you guys!
  5. World of beers doesn't have a food menu but they have an agreement set up with 4 or 5 local sit down good restaurants that will deliver to the bar for free. Not to sway the choice at all but Hal and Als does a happy hour every day of the week from 4-8pm in which all of their already reasonably priced ($4-$7) craft pints are half off (so $2-$3.50 a pint). And knowing the bartenders there, as long as we are discrete with our homebrews, they probably won't care if we bring them in. I'll actually be there on Friday (completing my parsons st challenge!) so I'll chat with them and see what they think. Hal and Al's serves food but it's all vegan there. That being said, their french fries, fried oreos ( :woohoo: ), Fried avacado, and veggie pizza are all awesome (I personally am not vegan whatsoever but if that's your thing, they have great selections). and they always have free fresh popped popcorn. You can check out the beer selection at http://www.halandals.com/drink and navigate around to find their menu as well. I can pretty much guarantee that 4-5 of those taps will rotate by the time we get there too. I am not at all against World of Beers, because it's a great place, but I think Hal and Als is a better bang for the buck.
  6. Excellent! I'll be in town all week and unfortunately I don't know my work schedule yet. I'll be working 9-9 on the days that I end up working. Should know which days by next week. I won't have anything too sophisticated to share, A tweaked and cascade hopped pale ale and a yuengling style liberty hopped HCCD but both turned out pretty decent in my books. I'll have 3 more batches bottled about the time you get into town but no where near ready. We can meet at any of the local breweries around town or 1 of my 2 favorite craft beer spots, Hal and Als or World of Beer. Both have a phenomenal beer selection and I tend to lean towards Hal's just because it's good people there. Let me know your thoughts! :charlie:
  7. Alb, Here's the post from "the other beer kit" discussion on page 68. Pretty neat stuff. "bpgreen" post=267558 said: "Joechianti" post=267508 said:Brian, What's the purpose for that olive oil? Sounds interesting. Yeast need unsaturated fatty acids and sterols to make new cell walls when they reproduce. They can use reserves from existing cell walls to a point, but if they don't have enough, they can't reproduce enough times and the yeast cells become progressively more unhealthy. When this happens, you may end up with a stuck fermentation and off flavors. Yeast can synthesize UFA and sterols if they have enough nutrients and oxygen. This is why we aerate the wort initially. They use the oxygen during the reproductive phase to generate the UFA and sterols needed for healthy cell wall creation. Some yeast manufacturers supersaturate their yeast with UFA and sterols so the yeast will have enough to reproduce and will not need to synthesize any on their own. Danstar says that they have saturated their yeast to the point where aeration is not required (but I think most home brewers who use Danstar yeast still aerate). So where does olive oil come in? Some time back, several people theorized that instead of providing the yeast with the oxygen to synthesize their own UFA and sterols, we could add them directly. Initial tests were done using linoleic acid. In 2005, Grady Hull did some research using olive oil instead. He chose olive oil because it is readily available and because the oils it has are closer to the oils that yeast produce/use. He added it to the yeast while it was in storage, but I add it directly to the wort. His tests were done on a large scale, and the amount needed for a 5 gallon batch is so small that I just dip a toothpick into olive oil, then shake it out over the wort. Here is a link to a write-up about it with a link to the original paper by Mr Hull: http://brewcrazy.com/brewing-beer-with-olive-oil-article/Original-Unedited-Brewing-With-Olive-Oil-Article.htm
  8. LOL. I LOVE the frequently bought together items. Pocket scale, "tobacco" grinder, and "cigarette" papers. I don't think most people are using this for hops.. just a distant relative.
  9. Great! That first week in July is out for me as well, but the rest of the month should be pretty free and clear. Good to hear that there is some other local brewers on the board. Duck, I figure we wait to hear from Macgoo and try and set something up for all 3 of us and if that falls through then we can set something else up! Cheers! :chug:
  10. "Photon Brewing" post=268942 said:Never a big believer in melatonin. I work a lot of midnights and take it by the fistful and can only sleep for 2 hours at a time. The week following my midnites I usually take a sleeping pill with the melatonin to get 5 to 6 hours of sleep at a time. Moral of the story...dont do midnites. Common misconception about melatonin, it's meant to supplement your body's normal production of melatonin that's happening due to your circadian rhythm. It's likely that the melatonin would be more beneficial if you worked midnights every week as it would give your body a chance to sync the circadian rhythm with the melatonin you're taking. Also used to help travelers beat jet lag because you can take it around the time that you would be going to bed in the timezone that you are going to and "fake" your body into thinking that it needs to shift your circadian rhythm. If you wanted to give the melatonin a little more of a fighting chance, you should take it at about the time you would be going to sleep during your midnights week but start doing it about 3 days before that work week. should notice a difference that way.
  11. "bpgreen" post=268938 said: "LouieMacGoo" post=268936 said:Caffinated beer's been done and it's been banned in several states! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/29/us/29beer.html According to the article, it was banned by the FDA, so it's banned in all 50 states. Dang... I knew they cracked down on Four Loko for the caffeine but I didn't realize there was a beer that got taken down in the process. FDA can't get me as long as I am not selling it. :shoot:
  12. Oooooo didn't even think about hangover deterrent. Every molecule of alcohol that's broken down in the body requires the use of both magnesium and zinc. Fortify a beer with magnesium and zinc and a few electrolytes and that just might be the hangover free beer! A sure hit with all of the college students. :chug:
  13. So I got to thinking today, I wonder if I could incorporate my career into my brewing? Being a Pharmacist and a Homebrewer (with a hint of mad scientist :woohoo: ), I started thinking about all of those different styles of beverages that are coming to the market (energy drinks, relaxation drinks, etc) and thought now what if beer was this way? Caffeinated beer - for the after work beer that provides you the little boost to get other stuff done around the house. Beer with a bit of melatonin - The perfect night cap! Make sure its a hoppy beer as hops tend to have a natural relaxation effect and combine that with a bit of melatonin and there's a sound nights sleep! I'm sure there's other possibilities out there but these 2 just came to mind while brainstorming. Might just warrant a little experimenting! :charlie:
  14. "bpgreen" post=268846 said: "BeerRx" post=268703 said: "bpgreen" post=268695 said:I think I'd use a different yeast. The Mr beer yeast will tolerate alcohol up to about 11%, but attenuation teens to start doing off at 7-8 or somewhere in that general range. That's one of the pieces of the recipe that I was debating. Only reason I filled in fromunda is because it's what I have the most of and it fits the "budget" theme well. What yeast comes to mind? I think I also might have a pack of US-05 and Munton's Dry Ale on hand but I am going to have to stop by the LHBS for columbus and centennial hops anyway. I'd probably use the US-05. It'll handle the higher gravity better. Perfect. That's what I'll do. I'll be brewing this up in a week or so along with a Lagunita's Little Sumpin Style recipe that I pieced together with a can of WW and ADIPA. Might post that recipe up if there is interest to see what kind of thoughts it generates. :charlie:
  15. Excellent! Well I should be in town for the first 3/4th of the month of July. Let me know and we can definitely set something up! I should have 2 brews just finishing up 6 weeks conditioning at that point. Keep me posted!
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