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  1. My favorite beer: Bavarian Weissbier with Golden LME. Heck, while a bit on the light side, I don't mind that standard brew done straight up. Great flavor. Best extract here, IMO.
  2. I got tomorrow off. Going to do some reading.
  3. Some guy at the bar told me two days ago he stopped brewing beer a year ago. I told him I brew four MB batches every month. He then came up to the bar this afternoon and gave me five beer mixes -- two Dutch Lager and three Czech Pilsner from "Beer Machine." Never heard of that one, but I'm wondering if I can do these mixes in my MB fermenters. What the heck -- I got four MB fermenters that will be empty this weekend. Might just toss these mixes in and see what happens. No big risk. The instructions say to just mix with water -- no boiling.
  4. I added the yeast @ 65 degrees. Good news: activity has kicked in. I think my worries were premature.
  5. I had an MB Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout from the spring that I made several days ago. There appears to be no activity on top. I'm assuming a lot has to be going on below -- right? I hope it isn't dead.
  6. @Gringojoe: I had a similar question a few days ago. This place is a great resource. And based on the feedback, I'm going to let my beer ferment three weeks, followed by four weeks carbonated/conditioned at room temperature. It's tough because I lack patience! Some call this the "3-4." Good luck. Side note: I started brewing back last spring. I'm over 30 batches into this. Only a few stinkers. My favorite without question is the Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe. That's the one with the LME package. I really like it without the LME, too. Just a little lighter.
  7. Does the last "2" in 2-2-2 mean in the refrigerator with these simple Mr. Beer refills? Does anyone here NOT cold condition in the fridge? The reason why I bring this up is that my best tasting beers are not the ones I've been cold conditioning. I just bring up a few beers in the morning to put in the fridge, and then drink same in the evening. Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. I liked both the ADIPA and this current one. Both struck me more along the lines of a Pale Ale. Hoppy -- yes, but not as hoppy as I though an IPA should taste. Still good. Two thumbs up with Diablo. And I do miss ADIPA, too. The head retention very good in both cases. Both good straight up. IMO.
  9. I have been using Domino Dots. My beer comes out fine. Is corn sugar supposed to be better?
  10. I have done two batches of Diablo IPA straight up, too. And I agree -- the head retention is the best. I'd have to say this is my favorite of the Craft Series.
  11. The finish reminds me of SNPA. We all have different tastes and takes, but SNPA came immediately to my mind after my first pint of Diablo. Nice biting pale ale. Little darker in appearance, I'd say.
  12. I'm not a hop-head either, but I do like Sierra Nevada. I've had lots of IPA before, with most being a bit too hoppy for me. I think this Diablo brew is more in line with a Pale Ale. And I do think ADIPA was like that, too. But yes, I do like this Diablo a lot. I love the bite.
  13. I bring you GOOD NEWS! Just finished a 2-liter bottle of the new MB Diablo IPA. I did it straight up and according to 2-2-2. Nice and hoppy! Now I like the old ADIPA, but this is better. Little bit more malt and more bite, IMO. I'm very excited by this new "Craft Beer!" Since I did the whole series, I'm going to dive into the Winter Lager, NW Pale Ale and Bewitched during tomorrow's NFL games.
  14. Using two cans of Mr. Beer/Coopers HME is a mighty expensive batch. You reach a point where things can get cost-prohibitive -- right? I added 1/2 lb. of Golden LME to the Bavarian Weiss last week. They call this refill 'Deluxe.' I'd try adding LME or DME first.
  15. CORRECTION: I indicated I use 1.5 teaspoons/liter. I misspoke. Make that 2.5. I'm going to see if I can go back and edit that.
  16. Thinking about carbonation. I've been doing the Mr. Beer recommendation of 2.5 teaspoons/1 liter. Great beer -- but a little too much "pop-like" carbonation with some batches. I'm interested in seeing the difference. BTW, I started MB in May -- and I already on batch #23! I have 4 fermenters usually going. I'm taking really good notes on each batch. Today I brewed the following: 1. Bavarian Weissbeir Deluxe -- This is my favorite MB refill. This is the third batch, but now I'm adding the LME. 2. Diablo IPA -- I have one batch of this ready in 2 weeks. 3. NW Pale Ale -- Absolutely smells the best! 4. Munton Premium Bitter -- Got a dented can for $11! Guys, thanks for your collective expertise. This is all so much easier when you have a dynamite forum like this.
  17. Mr. Beer One-Step: Is it a cleanser, a sanitizer or both? I've been cleaning with OxyClean and sanitizing with One-Step. I'm starting to wonder if I'm sanitizing at all! Is OxyClean + One-Step overkill -- or still insufficient? The term "one-step sort of implies that it does it all.
  18. I did the Patriot refill straight up. Just cracked one after 2-2-3. While I'm not blown away, I'd say it's certainly drinkable. This would be good after spending an hour cutting the lawn in very hot temps. And there's value in that kind of beer. OK, now I'm finished with the entire pint. Mouth feels good. Nice hops taste. There's a bit of sweetness there but I wouldn't liken it to cider. Just pleasant. I'm looking forward to the next pint more and more. While not a great beer, this is good. Better than Bud, Coors, Miller or anything like that. No question about this. I'm thinking this Patriot could use some more time, too. Grade: B-/C+
  19. Just noticed all the newer standard refills are now available on Amazon. If you have Prime Membership, that's $18.99 w/free shipping on a refill. Good deal! Pretty much all the old refills are history.
  20. I bottled three batches and then proceeded to brew the entire Craft Series straight up. Done! Now I'm sitting back and going to take the 2-2-2 approach. Reward: It's 12:04 PM and I'm sitting back drinking a delicious Bavarian Weissbier to unwind. And yes, that is a great tasting beer -- even straight up. Note: Boy does the Diablo IPA and Northcoast Ale smell great! Well, I got my fingers crossed and hope the entire Series comes out fantastic. I'm optimistic.
  21. The Craft Series is scheduled to be shipped via UPS to my door today, including a fourth fermenter. This is good news. I'm brewing all four this weekend.
  22. Re-did my brew club order. Next week I'm brewing all four beers from the new Craft Series. Yes, I'm pumped. MB has a nice sale going on. I grabbed the entire Craft Series for $74/free shipping. I already brewed and consumed the Bavarian Weissbier and Bohemian Pilnser. Not bad for standard beers! In fact, I liked both straight up. No reason to think the Craft Series will be nothing but successful. I'm an optimist. I think this merger might work out.
  23. Looks impressive. I think MB may get slammed with orders that first week out. I put off my Homebrew order date to reflect the opportunity to get a few of these new refills. Looks like there are lots of options here.
  24. Will using dry malt extract in place of Booster give your beer better head? I'm starting to go all-malt now. I like head.
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