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  1. Thanks Mike for stopping in and keeping us informed. I personally would like to see hoppier IPAs but now that the LMEs & soon to be DMEs are available I'll start working out some recipes. I can only imagine what will be possible. :banana:
  2. Xeries


    "Gymrat" post=283470 said:First I love the Mini Schauzer in your avatar. My mother got us one of those when I was in the 3rd grade. We had him until 2 years after I graduated and moved out of the house. Second from what I have read about lacing is it has something to do with the freshness of your ingredients when doing extract brews. You can encourage it by steeping grains. I add a little wheat to some of my AG recipes just for the head retention. That's Mr. Zeus. He's fortunate to live in a household of 7 females. 2 dogs, 4 cats and me. Needless to say he is up to the task. I will definitely be following up on steeping grains. This makes sense to me.
  3. "Chuck N" post=282655 said: "Awesome Ale Brewery" post=282652 said:Hi, Im Jay, and I have a problem. A Home Brew Problem. I just spend $140 on beer stuff. I took advantage of the 15% off sale, added my 15% coupon, then another 10$ coupon and blew some money. I will end up with 5 LBKs and 10 refills along with other stuff. My girlfriend said my house will be full of beer before too long. That is my goal!!!!! Well that's all very nice. But what's the problem? :cheers: +1 to Chuck N's comment.
  4. Xeries


    "Crazy Climber" post=281594 said:I think there's more to it than the cleaner used on the glass. If I am reading "between the lines" correctly in the original post, I have the same issue. I use the same glasses -- cleaned with the same detergent -- for both my beers and store-boughts. I get a decent head (sometimes great) from my brews, but little/no lacing. However, some store-boughts produce great lacing...in the same glasses. So, there must be another cause. Anyone get good lacing from their homebrews, and if so, do you have any ideas as to how you do it? Yes, this is my point exactly. I haven't changed the glasses I use nor the way I clean them yet some brews are extremely lacy and others are not. I don't know why, but I rather enjoy lacing. I suspect it has more to do with AG brewing but I'm not sure. Certainly the best brews I've had have significant lacing and I'm quite sure they're brewing AG.
  5. Does anyone know what makes lacing cling to the side of the glass? I have made beer that creates lacing but then it just flows back into the glass. I'm just curious why most of my favorites cling and most of what I brew doesn't. Is it a freshness thing or something else?
  6. "KokomoSam" post=280615 said: "Xeries" post=270323 said:3-2-2 you say? I say: "Who am I to argue?" I've been at this a whopping 3 weeks and this is my fourth brew. The only thing I can think of that might alter the plan is the number of bottles I have, but that can easily be remedied. So if my math is correct, this should be coming up to about being ready. How did it go? As good as you had hoped? It's interesting so far. Not quite as good as I had hoped. Unlike many of the other comments I've seen about the new Cooper's recipe's there's nothing thin about this beer. Heavier and maltier than I would have expected. There is a strong caramel flavor and something I haven't quite identified. There isn't very much hop flavor or aroma which is a bit disappointing. The head is outstanding, about 3 or 4 fingers worth depending on how you pour and the lacing is plentiful but doesn't really cling to the glass. I'm trying to age this one a bit more to see if it improves. I'll post a pic before too long. Thanks for asking.
  7. Plenty. Too many to list but suffice most are made by BMC, etc. I haven't found any dark beer that I like but I'm not convinced there won't be a few I enjoy. There are still more I've yet to try.
  8. "FrozenInTime" post=280118 said:Welcome to the forum! Dump the whole thing in the blender. I forgot to add, don't forget to sanitize the blender!
  9. No, add all of it. You want all of that sugar to help it ferment.
  10. "swenocha" post=278901 said:I think I can get behind all four of these. Mr. B, you reeled me back in... +1 to I can get behind all four.
  11. As a newer brewer I think this belongs in the new brewers forum as well as the the advanced. We new brewers tend not to go to the advanced brews section but this is important info that we need.
  12. Salem County here, directly across the river from Wilmington, DE. Definitely into getting together and/or trading brews.
  13. I did one a month or so back and it really seemed to hit its prime around the 2 week mark.
  14. "Gymrat" post=267333 said:Thankyou :chug: I have a shirt with your sig line on it. I wore it just last night. That is a pretty awesome sig I must say. T-shirt idea is pretty cool.
  15. "KZ" post=277233 said:Just to be clear, are you talking about the old Czech Pilsner, or the new one? I think the new one could be a good base for what you're trying to do, but not the old one as noted above. Cheers! It's the old Czech Pilsner.
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