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  1. "Joechianti" post=271724 said: "ba1980" post=271711 said:Who would've thought to carbonate coffee. Really. But then, who would have thought to invent a light bulb? Or a frozen slushy drink? Or a Slip 'n Slide? You'll never know until you try it, right? Exactly! She just wanted to try it. I should have mentioned that it was iced coffee.
  2. Long time lurker, finally introducing myself. I have a three-LBK system (not batch priming or anything, just three LBKs for fermenting). Today I have a batch of WCPA and Canadian High Country ready to drink. I also have a Cerveza Cinco de Mayo recipe (my first using hop pellets), a Defibrillator Doppelbock 7, and another WCPA conditioning. I'm about to head up to my LHBS for some bottles because I apparently brew more than I drink, and I have a "new style" Bavarian Weissbier that just hit 4 weeks in the LBK. Need to bottle it! I'm also going to buy some heat-friendly yeasts to try first non-fromunda batch. I keep the house at 74/75, but this summer might force me to find a better way to cool my brewery/closet. Been getting great info from the board. Will try to contribute more in the future.
  3. My wife and I use one for soda. You are supposed to only carbonate water, not the completed mix. She's a bit incorrigible, though, and has tried to carbonate juice, coffee, and who knows what else. Each time resulted in cursing and lots of paper towels. (can't believe this was my first post on the board!)
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