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  1. Sweet! Thanks for the quick replies. The wifey is making chocolate eclairs right now and as soon as she vacates the kitchen I'm getting started! I'll be trolling these boards for a few weeks then I'll let y'all know how it turns out.
  2. Hello everyone. I've wanted to makemy own beer for awhile now and gotmy chance amonth or so ago when I picked up a Mr Beer. Unfortunately it didn't turn out, i think because I didn't put enough sugar in the bottles so the beer was flat. (west Coast Pale Ale BTW) I popped into the homebrew store here where I live and got new ingredients and the fella was pretty nice and I got stuff to make a new batch, but I need a little help converting what I have to match the Mr Beer procedures. What I got from him is a 3.75 lb can of hopped malt concentrate (Coopers Canadian Blonde) which comes with yeast, two 1 lb bags of Brewcraft Briess Dry Malt (Brewers Gold Light), an extra packet of yeast, a thermometer and a hydrometer, and sanitizer. According to the shopowner this should be enough to make 2 batches in my Mr Beer. If my thinking is correct I am guessing I should use the dry malt in place of the booster, then the HMC is the same as the HME. Then I guess the amounts of sugar I use when I bottle should be the same as the directions specify. Also should I boil the wort for awhile or does it really matter? Does this sound about right or am I way off? I have the next couple days off so I am hoping to get a batch started while I have the time? Thanks in advance for any help!!
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