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    Root Beer Smell

    Oh well. Thanks guys. Brew and learn. The root beer was awful, kids wouldn't drink it. New bottles for Fathers Day?
  2. I made some root beer for the kids and bottled it in my PET bottles. Now the the bottles smell of root beer. I've cleaned them with fragrance free dish wash and Oxygen Brewery Wash. I left the solution in for three days, then emptied and let them air dry for a while. They still smell like root beer. Is there a way to get rid of the smell? Will it hurt my beer? I have another set of bottles, but they are in use right now.
  3. I do not not have anywhere in my house where I can ferment my beer much below 68 degrees. I have one of those wine fridges that I can adjust from 54-66 degrees. Any problem with putting my fermenting keg in it.
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