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  1. My wife bought me a kegerator for christmas. Yea me! She let me open it early and start setting it up. My question is where should I keep the co2 tank? The kegerator has a bracket to hold it on the back of it. The guy at my LHBS says to keep it inside the kegerator so I will use less co2. What do you guys think? Thanks for all input.
  2. I plan to make a 5 gallon kit of cooper's wheat. I plan to split it between 2 lbk's. I plan on making a 2.5 gallon batch of peach and one of apricot. What is the best way to split it? I was thinking of putting it into a 5 gallon primary bucket and transferring it after primary is done. Then I would use the lbk's as a secondary and add the fruit then. Is this a good idea or is there a better way? I could split the hme and brew separate batches, I could brew it as 5 gallons and split it before pitching the yeast (using a second packet). Any suggestions will help. Thanks.
  3. I'm going to be brewing the new chili lime beer soon. The recipe says to add four or five jalapanos. Should I add these when I brew or wait a week like when using fruit? Thanks for ant input.
  4. Im not sure how to link stuff. There is a thread in the community drain pipe regarding this. I believe it is titled "new spigot failure". I just had a spigot start to leak about a week ago. I emailed customer service and they are sending a replacement. I would suggest getting in touch with them. They are great people.
  5. I used my hydrometer for the first time with my current two brews. The first is the new American Light, pale lme (soft pack), and a bag of booster. It has been in the lbk for 16 days. The O.G. is 1.049 @ 76 degrees and F.G. is 1.012 @ 67 degrees. Screwy's calculator says the ABV is 5.1%. The second is the Bavarian Weissbier (new HME), golden LME (soft pack), and half a bag booster. It has also been in the lbk for 16 days. The O.G. is 1.041 @ 76 and F.G. is 1.010 @ 67 degrees. Screwy's says the ABV is 4.3%. This is my first reading on these brews. I plan to recheck tomorrow. If no change in the readings, I plan to cold crash and bottle this weekend, Am I doing this right? Do these numbers sound correct? Thanks for any help or input.
  6. I just received an order of chili lime and beach babe blonde recipes. I noticed the cerveza hme has a gold yeast packet and the canadian blonde hme has a silver packet. Does anyone know what the difference between the two is? I also purchased some extra yeast (5gram) from the website. It is a silver packet. Would it be ok to mix the gold and the silver pack.ets together? Thanks
  7. I am not positive on how to use the ume I ordered from the website. I have read many posts and it is my understanding that you can use ume instead of booster. I just ordered the chili lime cerveza and the beach babe blonde. Both come with booster. I also got a couple of pale ume packets. Should I just add the ume to the recipe or use it instead of the booster? Thanks for any input.
  8. I have been using the 3-2-2 method. My issue is I have way to many bottles in my temp controlled chamber. I was wondering if I can take the bottles that are beyond the 4 weeks in the chamber and store them elsewhere? I would be putting them in a closet that is approximately 75 degrees. The chamber is at 68 degrees if that matters. Thanks for any input.
  9. I placed an order for a couple refills and some of the new UME's. I was planning on reproducing a couple of the all malt kits that are offered. I was going to brew the american light refill and use the "pale" UME. I accidentally ordered the "smooth" UME. Any idea how it will taste if I use the "smooth" with the american light? Should I just save the smooth for something else? Any input will help.
  10. I am thinking about making a prickly pear wheat beer. I have been searching the forums for over an hour trying to find the procedure for adding fresh fruit. Everyone says you have to pasturize the fruit before adding to the LBK at secodary. How do you pasturize fresh fruit? I was thinking of just using the prickly pear in place of the raspberries in the raspberry wheat recipe. Any suggestions on how much prickly pear I should use?
  11. Thanks for everyone's input. I think I'm going to experiment to find out what works for me.
  12. How long do you guys condition your beer for. I have been fermenting in the LBK for three weeks at 67 degrees. Then I bottle and leave at 67 degrees for another three weeks. Then I put in the fridge for another two weeks. Is this enough time or do I need to increase it somewhere? I understand that more complex brews will need more time in the bottle but I'm just doing basic recipes right now.
  13. Schucks. I guess it wasn't bad after all. Lesson learned.
  14. In the fantasy world where I send out my beer, the mail runs every day.
  15. Ok. Thanks. I will get them in the mail tomorrow. Im glad you guys were here to save me. :woohoo:
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