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  1. I brewed a batch about 2 months ago. I used the whispering wheat and west coast pale ale extracts, and a pound of light malt. It turned out incredible, a very easy drinking and strong beer! Your brew keg will over flow so be sure to put the lid on loose and have something under neath it. I have also brewed a batch using the whispering wheat and Oktoberfest extracts. Just tried the first bottle the other day and it to turned out incredible!
  2. So I am hoping to brew this weekend, hopefully plenty of time to enjoy by xmas, but I am looking for ideas on what to use since Mr. Beer change there offering. All suggestions are welcome!
  3. "dbark" post=277006 said:Good idea. I suppose I could add corn sugar or more conditioning tablets. I'll wait and see what happens in a week or 2. I read somewhere that PLL is better after the 5th week of conditioning. If nothing changes in 2 weeks, I'll experiment with a 6 pack and see if your idea helps. I'm not sure if I'll add sugar since that appears to be fast acting. Thanks for the idea. It sounds like we are in the same boat! I too used 4 tabs and tried my Raspberry Wheat after 9 days and it was very weak. I also have a cherry ale that I used 4 tabs and has been in bottles for a week, but haven't tried it yet. I have 2 LBK's so I am doing 2 different beers at once. I really hope that both of these batch's don't need to be re-primed!
  4. "TJTHEBEST" post=194067 said:I used muntons carb tabs. Put the beer in the fridge over night to get nice and cold. I decided to use swmbo as my helper. I uncapped she put the tabs in, and then i recapped really fast. Some of them still foamed over but alot of the time i was fast enough to get them capped. How Many tabs? I used 4 originally and after 9 days my raspberry wheat is pretty flat. I bottled in 12oz glass.
  5. How many tabs? I used 4 tabs originally and after 10 days in the bottle not much carbonation.
  6. So this recipe is a winner! The beer tastes fantastic. This will be something I repeat as if I had purchased this beer at a store I would hurry back to get more. I guess I was very lucky with my experiment.
  7. Thanks for all of your help! I will let you know how it turns out.
  8. It has been fermenting for 1 week. I was planning on waiting atleast another week before bottling. Is there anything I should "look" for to make sure it is ready to bottle?
  9. Tasted a little and flavor is good but very cloudy.
  10. "Fee" post=266386 said:How much fruit did you use and how much extract did you use? I used about a cup of cherries and half cup of bluberies. 1 can of west coast IPA malt
  11. Thanks for the insights! I will plan on taking my time with this,and hope for the best. I did sanitize everything and made sure the fruit was clean! On a positive not there wasn't that much fruit so I'm hoping the flavor will come around after a few weeks.
  12. So I go to brew my first batch of beer and the booster is a solid block of sugar. I was going to use white sugar instead but only had a cup so I used a cup of brown sugar also. Then, since I had already strayed I went ahead and pitted some fresh cherries and cut up some fresh blue berries and through those in. Any thoughts about what I might get out? How long should I let it brew and condition?
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