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  1. "timmsram" post=373310 said: "JWB" post=373161 said:Save those Bud Light & Pabst bottles! :gulp: LOL, saving them up despite the wife's objections. You can't bottle in screwtops, and you shouldn't be drinking Bud Light or Pabst anyway! But seriously, good job on the first brew! The fact that it was palatable is a success! Had my first come out bad, I doubt I would have ever brewed another...
  2. At least you're keeping a sense of humor despite your loss! Having made the same mistake, I feel your pain. My mocha stout was wretched- I knew on bottling day that something had gone terribly wrong. That smell is just bad, and even after a couple months i still couldn't make myself swallow it. The fact that I even managed to take a taste and spit it back into the glass was no small feat! I bet your next one will turn out better!
  3. Looks like you actually put in a chocolate bar? If so, this is a no-no. I had attempted to make a mocha stout with a chocolate bar and it came out putrid. Someone on here helped me figure out that I had fat floating on my beer, which happened as a result of adding a bar of actual chocolate. Was there any goo on top of your beer before bottling? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but cocoa powder is a better way to go. I ended up having to pour that mocha stout out- the only beer I've ever poured down the drain.
  4. I;ve actually made a beer using the big jar of Briess and think you should skip the BrewMax all together. 3 lbs Briess Golden and an oz of hops will make a nice MB sized batch. If you're planning to boil a hop schedule, use a half (or less) of your Briess jar only adding the rest near flameout. Then again, a well boiled wort with all 3.3 lbs Briess may get you a nice caramelized flavor and darken the color a bit. Anyway, long story short, you'll end up with a nice and very drinkable blonde using just the Briess.
  5. I actually use those little hose/sock things that they give away at shoe stores. Luckily, my girlfriend is an avid shoe shopper and I grab a handful every time I see a box of them sitting out. DSW especially comes to mind- they leave boxes of them all over the store. They are essentially the feet of a pair of panty hose and boil just fine, but I don't mess with them much (squeezing, pressing, etc.) when they are in the boil. Leave your ladies panties out of it!
  6. Looking for suggestions for the best way to add dried peppers to a porter. I have 1.5 oz chili pasilla that I picked up from the Latino grocery. Should they go into the wort or after primary fermentation? And what would be the best way to sanitize dried peppers? Or would sanitation even be necessary? Any advice appreciated!
  7. I'll be happy to share those recipes- hope they help! Admittedly though, I'm not the best at "formal" anything. What I can provide is the basic process and ingredients, which should get you pretty darn close. Unfortunately, what I can't provide are OG readings, and such - just haven't gotten there yet... Some of my batch prime amounts may seem high, that is because I usually fill the LBK to at least the top of the sticker. I use the small "crease" in the plastic on the front of the LBK as my guide, filling to the top of it. I'm sure some of you will be able to improve on these recipes, and I'd love to hear your results if you do. I would brew any of these three again. Reverse Guinness- 1. Bring 8 oz instant oats in hop sack to low boil for 20 mins, until water was white and thickening, removed oats. 2. Add 1/2 lb Briess golden dme and 1/2 oz Zeus whole hops, gentle boil for approx 40 mins. (I had to add some water, as the wort got really thick) 3. Toss in remaining dme, 1/2 oz Zeus whole, 1/2 lb maltodextrin, and about 4 oz? (1 large chunk ha!) rock candi sugar for approx ten minute boil 4. American Blonde HME at flameout. Hop sack was removed from LBK rather than leaving it in during fermentation. T-58 yeast pitched. Batch prime with white sugar. Grape Ape- 1. 1/3 large jar (1.1 lb) Briess Golden LME brought to boil for forty minute hop schedule. 2. Remaining LME in at flameout with last hop addition. 3. Wort poured onto 2 quarts chilled White Grape juice in LBK and topped with water. Hop schedule: 1/4 oz Northern Brewer pellets at 40 and 30 mins, 1/4 oz Palisade pellets at 10 mins and flameout. Pitched 2 packs fromunda yeast, batch primed with 1/2 cup of a friend's homemade honey (probably should have used a bit less honey than I did, as this one was just a little overcarbed). Final product is nice, grape flavor does shine through in a good way. A crowd pleaser. Canadian Mountie- 1. 1 lb Briess Golden Light DME and brought past break, 1/2 oz Mt. Hood pellet hops added for 10 min boil. 2. Add 1 pk MB booster and 1 can HCCD at flameout. 3. Pitched 1/2 pk, approx 5 grams US-05 4. Batch primed w/ 1/2 cup cheap, store-bought clover honey. Very drinkable beer with crisp, clean flavor. And now I'm on my way to bottle up my Brambling Blackprinz Rye! Woohoo- excited about this one!
  8. "BlackDuck" post=292793 said:Really cool...good job. What's up with the Reverse Guinness White Ale....that one's got me intrigued. Care to share some info and the recipe? The idea behind that one was to achieve a blonde beer with the thick creaminess of a Guinness. That one used 8 oz Quaker oats, American blonde hme, 1 lb briess golden DME, 8 oz maltodextrin, Zeus hops for bittering, and t-58 yeast. Batch primed with table sugar. Drinkable young, when that pic was taken, but after about two months bottle conditioning, very nice. Heavy creamy head did develop with the longer conditioning time. This one actually turned out to be one of my better brews, outcome was really more along the lines of a Belgian.
  9. [attachment=9226]Grape.jpg[/attachment] Grape Ape (graff) [attachment=9227]Hopallo.jpg[/attachment] Hopallo APA [attachment=9228]Jacks.jpg[/attachment] Jack's Lantern (pumpkin) [attachment=9229]Oatmeal.jpg[/attachment] Oatmeal Stout [attachment=9230]red.jpg[/attachment] Irish Red [attachment=9231]White.jpg[/attachment] Reverse Guinness White Ale [attachment=9232]Sesame.jpg[/attachment] Sesame Stout
  10. I'm about 6 months deep now, and thought I'd share a photo-heavy post of my first fifteen beers. I'm up to my 21st brew now, rocking 3 LBKs nonstop with good results overall, and most importantly- having a great time! This forum has been an invaluable resource, and I sincerely appreciate the advice I've been given along the way. I won't go into recipes here, but if anyone is curious, just ask. I'd say that about half of these include Mr Beer ingredients. [attachment=9217]HighDesertHoney.JPG[/attachment] #1 High Desert Honey [attachment=9218]Ludwig.jpg[/attachment] Prince Ludwig [attachment=9219]PairoDice.jpg[/attachment] Pair o' Dice Wheat [attachment=9220]Alt.jpg[/attachment] mAltBier [attachment=9221]BetBit.jpg[/attachment] Better Bitter (Red Hook ESB clone) [attachment=9222]GoldenGlacier.jpg[/attachment] Golden Glacier [attachment=9223]Mountie.jpg[/attachment] Canadian Mountie [attachment=9224]HD2.jpg[/attachment] High Desert Honey #2
  11. Ive read several places that vanilla extract should be avoided in place of actual beans. Of course, this is coming from someone who once put toll house morsels into wort to achieve a chocolate flavor haha! (DO NOT try this)! That being said, you can find whole Madagascar vanilla beans in some spice aisles. A bit pricey, but highly recommended. Ive also had good luck with pumpkin pie spice, ginger (fresh and ground), dried orange peel (both bitter and sweet), fresh orange zest, seeds of paradise (aka paradise grains), sesame seeds, chamomile flowers, and even rosemary!
  12. Are any of you familiar with Barrilito? It's a cheap, low alcohol Mexican beer, but it comes in the coolest little grenade bottles. I brought a bunch home from a trip and used them my next bottle day. When I came back around for my first taste of the batch I went for a grenade bottle. Flat . Another wait and a 2nd try from a grenade. Flat again . Upon bottling a newer batch I noticed that the caps weren't catching as they should. The capper couldn't close enough around the stubby little bottleneck to get a good seal. 3rd taste, longneck. Pretty damn good. :chug: Guess I could've just asked- you using regular ol' pry-top longneck bottles? Also, I batch prime with almost everything but corn sugar. Not sure why. Honey or white sugar do me right pretty much every time.
  13. Thanks for the tip, and keep us informed on its progress!
  14. People vary the amount of priming sugar for a range of reasons, but batch/bottle priming is not one (that im aware of). You can use the same amount for either method. I just boil up my priming sugar, pour it gently into the primary lbk, and give it an easy swirl. Let that sit a few minutes to let anything I kicked up settle, then bottle. A second lbk would be better but all of mine are full of fermenting beer.
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