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  1. This was one of the first recipes I made, about a year ago. I didn't much care for it at first, so it's been a slow moving case. I had one a couple days ago and actually enjoyed it. hurray conditioning! I'm sure you'll enjoy it with some months filling out.
  2. Mine is in the bottle. Tastes pretty damn good. Came out to 5.1ABV, so a little short of predicted, but right where I like my beers to be for easy drinking. Next step: Enjoying!
  3. wow, my guesstimate for the label was spot on for you! Hope mine comes out as well!
  4. And brew is in the keg! Came out to 1.047 so a bit short of the 1.049 projection, but should be a fine beer. It was a nice change to see an almost colorless wort after doing so many darker batches the last few months.
  5. So I was given tonight off (well, I'm on call, but shouldn't have to go in). I'm planning on brewing mine tonight instead of sitting at work. I've got all the ingredients, decided to go with the WL380 as well. Just have to wait for the family to go to bed and it's game on! It'll be nice to get a wheat back into my stock.
  6. went ahead and did up a label so I have that ready to go.
  7. Looks good! I'm planning to do mine in about 2 weeks, Slightly different recipe, since I'm going all grain, and I'm going to forgo the coriander as well. 2.5lb German Wheat Malt 2lb German Pilsner Malt .5lb Flaked Wheat .35oz Saphir 60min .5oz Saphir 5min .25oz Tangerine Peel White Labs 300 or 380, depending on what's in stock at LHBS.
  8. Those two weekends are ones I work, so I'd have to sit them out. I think our weekends alternate now, Chris, so I'm not sure we'd be able to coordinate schedules at this point, unless it was this weekend since I'm on paternity leave.
  9. Interesting read K9. I'm wanting to get a bigger pot, but SS is so expensive. I'm wondering if I got an aluminum pot and did a nice long boil prior to the first wash, then prior to each batch stick it in the oven at 350 for ten minutes. Would that do enough to keep it safe for each batch while cleaning as I normally do (oxy free, no scrubbing). Ten minutes in the oven is nothing, I could start that up while getting utensils out and sanitized and making sure all my ingredients are in order. I may have to look into this, but I'd hate to spend the money and end up with metallic taste anyway. Also, with aluminum is it harder to maintain mash temperatures since it heats and cools quicker? My oven doesn't go below 225* so I can't stick it in at 150* like I know some people do.
  10. thanks! I figured it's all good, just wanted to make sure. About to head to the LHBS now.
  11. Had planned a nice normal brewday for today with a full on BIAB Amber Ale, but ended up not being able to go to the LHBS yesterday due to taking my wife to the ER. She's fine, but long story short, I still want to do an amber, but don't have the time to do a full mash and cool down after I manage to get to the LHBS and home this afternoon. I went straight from MrB recipes to doing MrB+ to my BIAB, so never really worked out doing extracts, steeps and partials. I want to do a MrB sized wort then pour it in to the 1 gallon of cold water in the LBK, and want to make sure I'm not fudging the numbers and end up too watery. Can someone who's good at doing the whole 1+ gallon wort with extracts to 1ish gallon of cold water chime in on any issues you see with this recipe? Thanks 1.25 gallons water 0.5lb Crystal 60L steeped from fill up to boil (I may pause for 10 minutes at 155 if it's heating fast) 1.25lb Dark DME (have on hand, so money saver!) 1lb Amber DME Boil .5oz Amarillo 45mins .25oz Amarillo 20mins .25oz Amarillo 5mins Add to 1 gallon cold water in LBK S-05yeast If i set up the recipe correctly in Hopville I'll get about 1.047OG and 32IBUs and a color about 13SRM, which all fit the style pretty much in the center. Did I miss something important that'll throw things out of whack? EDITED to tweek hop ratios and boil time
  12. i thought I read that MrB was in the process of getting Canadian distribution, so relief may be on its way.
  13. Chris, Looks like we have opposite free weekends now! I am going to be on paternity leave most of January, so in theory once this baby comes (any day now) I'll be free whenever until the Super Bowl. In reality, I'll be free whenever the wife lets me take some time away from the kids and her, which will probably be the day after the Super Bowl when I go back to work! Tentatively I'd say the weekend of the 26th may work best for me, weather and family permitting. If something gets put together let me know and I'll see if it works into my schedule.
  14. The local store nearby sells a lot of the 12oz bottles in boxes for a reasonable price. Kicker is they come with free beer to be disposed of! I use those mostly, now.
  15. Welcome Darrylovia! I'm not too far from you (would be closer if it weren't for the damn bridge!). I'm in Fort Meade and occassionally use Annapolis Homebrew for my LHBS needs, though find Maryland Homebrew to be a little more sociable and it's prices are usually cheaper.
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