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  1. Ok thanks for the input. I'm going to leave it for 10 more days and then bottle it as usual.
  2. Hey guys! I started my third batch a couple days ago and it definitely reacted differently than the first two did. I've started an Oktoberfest in the large HME can and had a rather odd reaction. I followed the same process as I did the first two times (both those batches turned out excellent). Very careful cleaning and sanitizing. Put my wort in the fermenter, added the package of dry yeast, waited a few minutes then gave it a good vigorous stirring. I then left the house for a date and movie and didn't look at the fermenter until the next morning. At that point I noticed that there had been a foam overflow through the cap, and from what I could see through the dried foam stuck to the insides the fermentation has slowed way way down or stopped. I haven't started doing any gravity readings yet (that's in the future) so I don't have that data. Any ideas on this reaction? Should I be concerned or just let it sit for the remainder of the fermentation period.
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